Lem Rees Pastoral Counseling, Peoria, IL

By: Lem Rees Counseling  11/22/2011
Keywords: Counseling, Mental Health, Psychotherapy

General and Special Areas of Counseling
Dr. Rees works with individuals, couples and families dealing with depression, anxiety, relational problems and grief and loss.  
A special focus is for persons who are recovering from life experiences of emotional neglect, abuse and trauma. The latter experiences may include post-traumatic stress and disorders of extreme or chronic stress that appear months or years after the neglect, abuse and trauma have ended.  
Diagnoses and treatment plans are consistent with current counseling and psychotherapeutic assessment and treatment procedures.  
Consultation and referral will be made in those cases that require additional specialized care, treatment or medication.
Pastoral Counseling and Psychotherapy

What is a Pastoral Counselor?
“Pastoral counseling is a unique form of counseling which uses spiritual resources as well as psychological understanding for healing and growth.  It is provided by individuals who are not only mental health professionals but persons who have had in-depth religious and/or theological training.  Most pastoral counselors are ordained clergy or persons otherwise endorsed by a religious faith group.”  What is pastoral psychotherapy?
The Greek words making up psychotherapy, therapeia and psyche, mean “healing of the soul.” 
You are more than a collection of parts and psychological conditions.  You are a whole being who somehow feels that something is not working.  Pastoral psychotherapy, and psychotherapy in general, is committed to helping you find meaning in your life.What you may experience in pastoral counseling and psychotherapy:
Respecting your faith tradition, Dr. Rees can help you use your spiritual values along with up-to-date counseling theory to learn new ways to understand and make sense of painful life events.  These painful life events affect your feelings, attitudes and expectations in ways that are not always immediately obvious but feel out of balance.  The goal of treatment is to bring balance to your life.

Keywords: Counseling, Mental Health, Pastoral Counseling, Pastoral Counselors, Psychotherapy