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By: Anvil Paints  11/22/2011
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Decorative Concrete Stains & Sealers

One of Anvil's most durable product lines includes concrete stains, single part epoxy coatings and sealers for horizontal and vertical surfaces. They incorporate modern coating technology, making them easy to apply as well as extremely durable. The new line includes bonding enhancing primers, solid color and semi-transparent stains and sealers that provide countless decorative options in addition to increased protection from weather, chemicals and routine wear.

Clear Concrete Sealers

Anvil has developed and perfected the art and science of clear sealer technology for concrete surfaces. Installed by professionals and DIY'ers across America, Anvil Clear Sealers are protecting concrete both in interior and exterior environments. Anvil has clear sealers for uncoated concrete and stained concrete. Explore the five uniquely durable, protective, beatifying clear coat sealers we offer.

Textured Wall Finishes

Roof Coatings

When Tom Healey and Marvin Braaksma decided to team up in 1967 to form Anvil Paints & Coatings, they initially concentrated on manufacturing coatings for tile roofs, so popular in Florida. Today the company occupies more that 55,000 sq ft on five acres. It produces more than 65 unique and innovative specialty products for the professional painting contractor and the Do-it-Yourselfer. Anvil Roof Coatings today are protecting buildings and homes throughout the America's and the Caribbean Islands. Elastomeric Roof Coatings extend the life of sloped commercial roofs and are also protecting metal roofs in the Manufactured Housing Industry. Anvil's newly formulated Tile Guard Gloss Roof Paint is protecting and keeping tile roofs looking newer longer.


Anvil manufactures a complete line of technologically advanced primers that help solve adhesion problems and make the top coat of paint look and last longer. One great examples of this advanced formulation chemistry is noteworthy in Grip-Tite High Adhesion Bonding Primer for concrete. Anvil 1750 Grip-Tite forms a surface that improves the workability and durability of the stain topcoat. This interior/exterior water borne primer applied directly to clean, porous concrete overcomes the problem of improperly prepared surfaces. Anvil 1750 can be used on vertical concrete, masonry and stucco.

Drywall Finishing

Three unique products designed for the professional painting contractor to deliver a superior final appearance of interior paint application. When properly applied to a drywall surface with a minimum of a Level 4 finish, Anvil's products will provide a Level 5 finish based on the Gypsum Association publication GA-214 and ASTM C840. 1st Kote and Top Hat form a tight dry film with excellent hold out characteristics that deliver a uniform sheen with satin or semi-gloss paints.

Waterproofing Sealers & Coatings

AquaSeal Penetrating Primer/Waterproofing Sealer provides excellent results for stucco, cement, brick and masonry vertical surfaces. Environmentally safe and very low VOC make it a universal sealer insuring maximum bond of topcoat paints. Anvil #3200 Water Lock-Out Masonry Waterproofing Coating is a styrene acrylic micro plating coating that is specially formulated to prevent water seepage through interior/exterior porous masonry and concrete block walls in above and below grade applications.

Architectural Coatings

Anvil's quality formulation expertise is truly experienced in exterior and interior top coat finishes. Anvil Acrylic Super Pro products are specially formulated with Premium Pure Acrylic Resins for durability and ease of application over a wide range of properly prepared substrates. Acrylic Super Pro is an excellent choice for residential re-paints, architectural and commercial applications demanding durability. Anvil's Barrier Elastomeric Coating Systems are designed to resist the damage of wind driven rain and other dynamic forms of water attacks to stucco homes and commercial structures.

Specialty Coatings, Caulks & Patching Material

Coatings and patching products that deliver the Anvil quality in many unique and decorative ways. Our new Venetian Plaster is a versatile, distinctive decorative coating that replicates the beauty, depth and elegance of polished marble. This modified acrylic coating is trowel applied and contains ground marble with translucent qualities that can be transformed into a multitude of design techniques- from the look of traditional polished marble to old world plaster or stain-washed, when used in conjunction with Anvil Semi-Transparent Stain #2300. Gorilla Grip Anti-Skid Floor Coating is a waterborne acrylic non-cementitious coating that provides an aggressive texture on surfaces where increased traction is required. Explore all the possibilities that Anvil Specialty Coatings can do for you.

Keywords: Coatings, Paints, Primers, Roof Coatings, sealers

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The new line of decorative concrete coatings includes bonding enhancing primers, solids and semitransparent stains and sealers that provide countless decorative options in addition to increased protection from weather, chemicals and routine wear. For textured wall systems, Anvil’s single product, two-coat system called Ultra Tex is a favorite interior finish of architects for new construction and renovation in the Hospitality Industry.