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By: Asphalt Sealcoating Direct  11/26/2011
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Weight: 2950 lb.

Dimensions: 48in. × 48in. × 48in.

Asphalt Sealer 275 Gallon Bulk Tote Coal Tar

The main purpose of using a quality blacktop asphalt sealer is that the sealer coats the asphalt surface protecting it from harmful ultra violet as well as road salts and engine oils which dissolve the asphalt and creates soft spots. If untreated areas are ignored, deterioration will occur and you will end up spending a lot more money trying to patch and repair the asphalt than if you properly maintain it.

Our Premium asphalt sealer is premixed and comes ready to use in a 275 gallon refillable tote which includes a 2" valve on the bottom allowing you to pour the sealer into buckets for squeegee application or we also sell our ASD-PK Asphalt Sealcoat Spray System which comes with everything you need to connect to the 275 gallon tote. This is the same sealer that professionals use and it cannot be purchased in a "Big Box Store"

Precautionary measures should be taken if you're using Coal Tar because it's ingredients (VOCs) can burn the skin if not washed off quickly. It is recommended that you wear long pants, sleeves and eye protection when applying our premium grade Asphalt Sealer and always have fresh water available on the job site.


Our asphalt sealer diluted at 25%, will create coverage at approximately 100 square feet per gallon and you should apply two coats allowing the first coat to dry before second coat application.

You will add many years of life to your asphalt surface and keep it looking great not to mention saving money by doing this job yourself and creating professional results.

Sealer Totes are refurbished and shipped with steel or oak pallets that are permanently mounted to the tote cage.

Keywords: Asphalt Sealer

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