IBM Supported Memory

By: Axiom Memory Solutions  11/23/2011

In addition to the standard Axiom lifetime warranty and technical support, Axiom Memory customers who purchase IBM supported memory will receive compliance from IBM’s warranty and technical support teams (with proper IBM warranty and service contract). This means Axiom’s IBM supported memory with FRU number modules will receive IBM’s on-site service for the Axiom products installed in any IBM and Lenovo systems.

Any Axiom part number that ends in "-AXA" will come with a unique FRU number on each memory module. IBM will use this to identify that the corresponding memory module is under warranty following the terms set forth in the IBM Service Agreement Letter.

73GB 40K1052, 40K1084, 40K1097, 39R7366 (FRU 82Y2280)
146GB 43X0824, 43X0825, 43X0826 (FRU 82Y2281)
300GB 42D0612, 42D0613, 42D0614 (FRU 82Y2282)
73GB 43X0837, 43X0839, 43X0841 (FRU 82Y2283)
146GB 42D0632, 42D0634 (FRU 92Y3849)
300GB 42D0637, 42D0639 (FRU 92Y3850)
600GB 49Y2003 (FRU 96Y6245)
73GB 42D0672, 42D0674 (FRU 92Y3851)
146GB 42D0677, 42D0679 (FRU 92Y3852)
146GB 42D0652, 42D0653, 42D0654 (FRU 82Y2284)
50GB FRU 96Y3930
50GB FRU 96Y3936
100GB FRU 96Y3931
100GB FRU 96Y3937
200GB FRU 96Y3932
200GB FRU 96Y3938
400GB FRU 96Y3933
400GB FRU 96Y3939
73GB 40K1039, 39R7340, 26K5709, 26K5712 (FRU 82Y1935)
146GB 40K1040, 39R7342, 26K5710, 26K5713 (FRU 82Y1936)
300GB 40K1041, 39R7344, 26K5711, 26K5714 (FRU 82Y1937)
73GB 40K1043, 40K1075, 26K5698, 39R7348, 26K5701 (FRU 82Y1938)
146GB 40K1044, 39R7350, 26K5699, 26K5702, 40K1076 (FRU 82Y1939)
300GB 43X0802, 43X0805 (FRU 82Y1940)
450GB 42D0519, 42D0520, 42D0560 (FRU 82Y1941)
300GB 44W2234, 44W2236 (FRU 92Y1157)
450GB 44W2239, 44W2241 (FRU 92Y6529)
600GB 44W2244, 44W2246 (FRU 92Y1158)
250GB 39M4526, 39M5427 (FRU 96Y9454)
500GB 39M4530, 39M4531 (FRU 96Y9455)
750GB 43W7576, 43W7579 (FRU 82Y1942)
1TB 43W7626, 43W7627 (FRU 82Y1943)
2TB 42D0782, 42D0784 (FRU 96Y9456)
73GB 40K1023, 40K1055 (FRU 40V8172)
146GB 40K1024. 40K1056 (FRU 40V8174)
300GB 40K1025, 40K1057 (FRU 40V8176)
73GB 40K1027, 40K1059 (FRU 40V8173)
146GB 40K1028, 40K1060 (FRU 40V8175)
1GB 09N4308, 33L5039, 73P2031 (FRU 40T4087)
1GB 09N4308, 33L5039, 73P2031 (FRU 40T4087)
2GB 09N4309, 33L5040 (FRU 40T4177)
2GB 09N4309, 33L5040 (FRU 40T4177)
2GB 73P2030, 73P2035 (FRU 40U6418)
2GB 73P4129 (FRU 40V6327)
256MB 33L3304, 33L3305 (FRU 40T4125)
256MB 21R7439 (FRU 40V3260)
512MB 33L3306, 33L3307 (FRU 40T4126)
1GB 33L3308, 33L3309 (FRU 40T4124)
256MB 10K0067, 10K0068 (FRU 40T4095)
512MB 10K0069, 10K0070 (FRU 40T4096)
1GB 10K0071, 10K0072 (FRU 40T4094)
1GB 73P2267, 73P2272 (FRU 40U1870)
1GB 39M5838, 39M5839, 73P2276, 73P2278 (FRU 40U6413)
2GB 73P2269, 73P2274 (FRU 40T4102)
2GB 25R8408,39M5841,39M5843,77P3908 (FRU 40T4068)
256MB 06P4053, 06P4060 (FRU 40T4131)
512MB 06P4054, 06P4061 (FRU 40T4132)
1GB 06P4055, 06P4062 (FRU 40T4130)
512MB 39M5800, 73P3233, 73P3236 (FRU 40T4147)
512MB 39M5800, 73P3233, 73P3236 (FRU 40T4147)
1GB 39M5803, 41Y2801, 73P3234, 73P3237 (FRU 40T4148)
1GB 39M5803, 41Y2801, 73P3234, 73P3237 (FRU 40T4148)
2GB 39M5806, 73P3235, 73P3238 (FRU 40T4149)
2GB 39M5806, 73P3235, 73P3238 (FRU 40T4149)
256MB 06P4049 (FRU 40T4128)
512MB 06P4050, 06P4057 (FRU 40T4129)
1GB 06P4051 (FRU 40T4127)
1GB 39M5809, 41Y2777, 73P2866 (FRU 40T4143)
1GB 39M5808 (FRU 40T4161)
1GB 39M5809, 41Y2777, 73P2866 (FRU 40T4143)
2GB 39M5812, 73P2867 (FRU 40T4144)
2GB 39M5812, 73P2867 (FRU 40T4144)
2GB 39M5811, 39M5814 (FRU 40T4162)
2GB 39M5815, 73P4792 (FRU 40T4146)
2GB 39M5815, 73P4792 (FRU 40T4146)
4GB 30R5145, 41Y2703 (FRU 40T4145)
4GB 41Y2702, 41Y2815 (FRU 40T4163)
4GB 30R5145, 41Y2703 (FRU 40T4145)
512MB 73P3525 (FRU 40T4186)
1GB 73P3526 (FRU 40T4187)
1GB 41Y2711 (FRU 40U6415)
2GB 41Y2715 (FRU 40U6416)
4GB 41Y2723 (FRU 40U6417)
4GB 39M5870, (FRU 40U6421)
512MB 73P3213, 73P3214, 30R5121, 73P4971 (FRU 40T4120)
512MB 30R5148 (FRU 40U6422)
1GB 30R5149, 41Y2795 (FRU 40T4154)
2GB 30R5150, 40R1030 (FRU 40T4155)
1GB 46C7418, 46C7421 (FRU 40W1160)
2GB 46C7419, 46C7422 (FRU 40W1161)
4GB 46C7420, 46C7423 (FRU 40W1162)
512MB 39M5782, 41Y2783 (FRU 40T4156)
512MB 39M5780 (FRU 40T4183)
1GB 39M5785 (FRU 40T4157)
1GB 39M5783 (FRU 40T4184)
2GB 39M5791 (FRU 40T4158)
2GB 39M5789 (FRU 40T4185)
2GB 46C7416 (FRU 40W0186)
4GB 39M5797 (FRU 40U1875)
4GB 39M5795 (FRU 40W0185)
8GB 46C7577 (FRU 40W0184)
1GB 41Y2762 (FRU 40U5083)
2GB 41Y2765, 46C7539 (FRU 40U5084)
2GB 41Y2765, 46C7539 (FRU 40U5084)
2GB 41Y2771 (FRU 40V1971)
4GB 41Y2768, 46C7538 (FRU 40U6419)
4GB 41Y2768, 46C7538 (FRU 40U6419)
8GB 43V7355 (FRU 40V5146)
8GB 43V7356 (FRU 40V6239)
512MB 39M5861 (FRU 40U6414)
1GB 39M5864, 46C0522 (FRU 40T7675)
2GB 39M5867, 46C0512 (FRU 40T7676)
4GB 46C0513, 46C7524 (FRU 40W3919)
512MB 41Y2822 (FRU 40V1974)
1GB 41Y2825 (FRU 40V1975)
2GB 41Y2828 (FRU 40V1976)
512MB 41Y2726 (FRU 40U0263)
1GB 41Y2729 (FRU 40U0264)
2GB 41Y2732 (FRU 40U0265)
2GB 46C7571 (FRU 82Y1189)
4GB 46C7572 (FRU 82Y1190)
2GB 46C0509 (FRU 96Y8339)
4GB 46C0510 (FRU 96Y8340)
1GB 46C7424, 46C7426 (FRU 82Y3558)
1GB 46C7428 (FRU 82Y3559)
2GB 46C7425, 46C7427 (FRU 82Y3560)
2GB 46C7429 (FRU 82Y3561)
4GB 46C7444, 46C7448 (FRU 92Y0468)
8GB 46C7476, 46C7482 (FRU 92Y1219)
16GB 46C7483, 46C7489 (FRU 92Y0830)
16GB 49Y1400, 49Y1418 (FRU 00U0432)
8GB 46C7494, 46C7499 (FRU 92Y5860)
8GB 44T1578, 44T1579 (FRU 82Y7626)
8GB 46C0570, 46C0582 (FRU 00U0469)
1GB 44T1470, 44T1480 (FRU 40W3920)
2GB 44T1592 (FRU 92Y5861)
2GB 44T1472, 44T1482, 49Y1434, 49Y1444 (FRU 40W3922)
2GB 44T1471, 44T1481, 49Y1433, 49Y1443 (FRU 40W3921)
4GB 44T1597, 44T1599 (FRU 92Y5862)
4GB 44T1473, 44T1483, 44T1493, 49Y1435, 49Y1445 (FRU 40W3923)
8GB 46C7449, 49Y1436, 49Y1446 (FRU 82Y2285)
4GB 49Y1394, 49Y1412 (FRU 96Y3419)
4GB 49Y1407, 49Y1389, 49Y3777, 49Y1425 (FRU 96Y7995)
4GB 49Y1406, 49Y1388, 90Y4551, 49Y1424 (FRU 96Y7994)
8GB 49Y1397, 49Y1415, 49Y3778 (FRU 96Y3420)
16GB 49Y1563, 49Y1565 (FRU 00U0433)
1GB 44T1475, 44T1485, 44T1495, 46C0588, 49Y1427 (FRU 40W7354)
2GB 44T1477, 44T1487, 44T1497, 46C0590, 49Y1429 (FRU 40W7355)
2GB 44T1476, 44T1486, 44T1496, 46C0589, 49Y1428 (FRU 92Y0469)
4GB 44T1478, 44T1488, 44T1498, 46C0591, 49Y1430, 49Y3694 (FRU 40W7356)
4GB 44T1591, 44T1596 (FRU 92Y1307)
8GB 46C7447, 46C7451, 46C7455, 46C0592, 49Y1431, 49Y1554, 49Y1555 (FRU 82Y7627)
8GB 46C7447, 46C7451, 46C7455, 46C0592, 49Y1431, 49Y1554, 49Y1555 (FRU 82Y7627)
8GB 46C0556, 46C0568, 46C0580 (FRU 00U1147)
16GB 46C0599, 49Y1528 (FRU 00U1148)
1GB 44T1564, 44T1568 (FRU 82Y7628)
2GB 44T1565, 44T1569, 44T1573 (FRU 82Y7629)
2GB 44T1570 (FRU 92Y5863)
4GB 44T1567, 44T1571 (FRU 92Y0470)
512MB 33L3117, 33L3118 (FRU 40T4159)
1GB 33L3119, 33L3120 (FRU 40T4110)
128MB 01K1138, 01K1148, 22P0849 (FRU 40T4099)
256MB 01K1139, 01K1149 (FRU 40T4100)
128MB 01K1131, 01K1141 (FRU 40T4097)
512MB 33L3146 (FRU 40T4116)
512MB 33L3062, 33L3063 (FRU 40T4104)
512MB 33L3324, 33L3325 (FRU 40T4170)
512MB 10K0022, 10K0023, 33L3127, 33L3128 (FRU 40V3262)
1GB 33L3152 (FRU 40T4114)
1GB 33L3129, 33L3130, 33L3326, 33L3327 (FRU 40T4111)
1GB 33L3064, 33L3065 (FRU 40T4103)
1GB 33L3129, 33L3130, 33L3326, 33L3327 (FRU 40T4172)
128MB 10K0057, 10K0058 (FRU 40T4091)
128MB 33L3073, 33L3074, 33L3294 (FRU 40T4105)
256MB 33L3075, 33L3295, 33L3295 (FRU 40T4106)
256MB 10K0059, 10K0060 (FRU 40T4092)
512MB 33L3077, 33L3078 (FRU 40T4107)
512MB 10K0061, 10K0062 (FRU 40T4093)
256MB 33L3083, 33L3084 (FRU 40T4108)
256MB 10K0046 (FRU 40T4089)
512MB 33L3085, 33L3086 (FRU 40T4109)
512MB 10K0048 (FRU 40T4090)

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