IRS Currently Uncollectible-Are you having a tough time in this unprecedented economy? DWK Tax Group

IRS Currently Uncollectible-Are you having a tough time in this unprecedented economy? DWK Tax Group from DWK Tax Group, Inc.

By: DWK Tax Group, Inc.  11/03/2010
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 You May Be Currently Uncollectible:

DWK TAX GROUP will not accept your Case if we cannot save you money.

If you do not have enough income to pay your IRS Tax debt, you may be "Currently Uncollectible".

Is your income fixed?
What is the combined income of your hard earned Pension and Social Security?
Are you on SSDI? Are your daily living expenses at a reasonable amount? IRS acceptable?
Do you, the taxpayer, have medical issues causing your daily living expenses to sky rocket out of control? Do you have documentation to support out of control court ordered expenses?

A 20 minute conversation could be the best phone call you will ever make in this lifetime.

Currently Uncollectible is a method for delaying payment of the IRS Back Taxes. If your DWK Tax Attorney can demonstrate and convince the IRS that you have no way of paying your IRS Tax debt at this time, the IRS will consider you to be "currently not collectible." When you, the taxpayer, are unable to make installment payments and can prove that enforcement of a IRS Wage Levy or IRS Wage Garnishment would create significant undue economic hardship by depriving the taxpayer of basic living necessities the IRS, and some States, will classify the account as currently uncollectible and grant hardship status to suspend collection activity. Usually this is for a period of one year / twelve months to 18 months.

At the end of the Currently Uncollectible period, you, the taxpayer, will need to show the IRS that your economic situation has not changed. As long as you are "Currently Uncollectable", you will not be expected to pay any of the IRS tax debt. Yet, your statutory period (IRS Statute of Limitations) will continue to lapse; Therefore, time continues to run on your IRS Tax Liability. Proving a Currently Uncollectible status to the IRS is easier said than done, especially for someone who is not familiar with the specific and extrodinarily detailed method the IRS takes to calculate and determine whether or not a taxpayer can make payments and how much they have to pay.

The DWK team will know exactly what the IRS Collections Division wants to know about you. Our determined, diligent and highly skilled IRS Tax Attorneys will use our knowledge, experience and ability in your favor just as the IRS would use their experience and knowledge to favor themselves against you, the inexperienced taxpayer.

DWK TAX GROUP will not accept your Case if we cannot save you money. No salesman, only partners. Our analysis will be thoughrough and to the point. DWK TAX GROUP does not accept every case. DWK will obtain a Power of Attorney to represent the public that needs help. IRS Tax Help is available here at DWK Tax.

Avoid Bankruptcy because of IRS Back Tax Problems
Affordable Payment Plan available Take charge of your life!
End IRS Wage Garnishments
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Call us when you need answers, call us, when you are ready to make conscious change.

Call the Nationwide Pioneer in IRS Wage Garnishment Releases. Finally, a firm with service and integrity at the top of the DWK Tax Group's priorities.

DWK will get you on the correct path to viable and sustainable strategy to tangible solutions to your IRS Back Taxes.

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