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By: Eagleview  11/23/2011

Additional Report Formats

Property Owner Report

Detailed Line Diagrams

Our Premium Reports come with all length measurements rounded to the nearest foot. However, all of the total values displayed on our reports are rounded after being totaled. If you would like to receive a detailed line diagram instead (values not rounded), we would be happy to send those.

Xactware® Integration

Now integrated with Xactimate®. No need to draw from field notes. Order EagleView measurements within Xactimate and open the files in Sketch. Easy to use! EagleView imports directly into Xactimate when you order it within an assignment in the Carrier Profile.

Requirements: Xactimate version 25.5 or greater, qualifying EagleView account and activation by Xactware.

Other products and services from Eagleview


EagleView Standard Report – EagleView Technologies

The finished report comes with an aerial image of the property, length, area, pitch and notes diagrams. We provide the images and measurements and you provide the pitch. Our Standard Report is a self-service report.


Premium Report – EagleView Technologies

There is no need for confusing spreadsheets or reference tables; our reports come with easy-to-read diagrams so lengths and areas are quickly identifiable. Our reports come with a clean and organized layout that is customer friendly so you can present a professional bid in the best light. Using 3D modeling to create measurements is also a more complete process than 2D methods and helps to ensure our report accuracy.


Report Types and Products – EagleView Technologies

Our newest report, available for any residential or commercial property, includes everything you need to calculate solar exposure, roof square footage and panel placement. We offer several different report types, features and add-ons to accommodate a wide variety of needs and uses. If you need a highly detailed report complete with pitch measurements, the Premium Report is your best choice.


Solar Report – EagleView Technologies

Our Azimuth diagram helps determine which direction each roof plane faces and shows the total area for each direction in square feet. We offer a solar roof measurement report like no other.