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By: Excent  11/26/2011
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All the data, forms and reports you need for effective IEP case management in one, easy-to-use application – EXCENT ONLINE™

The education and well being of students is why you became an educator. Too often the pressures of paperwork cut into the time teachers and clinicians spend with students. That’s why we developed EXCENT ONLINE™, a special needs case management software system designed to streamline the paper processing and data management of students’ records.

The EXCENT ONLINE™ Advantage

  • Simplify your case management processes – enter data once and it’s available throughout the system to generate forms, reports and letters
  • View and organize data quickly and easily using flexible reporting options
  • Track Medicaid-eligible services and even automate Medicaid expense recovery with our add-on EXCENT Medicaid module
  • Streamline communications with parents, administrators and fellow educators with built-in notices, consent forms and a district calendar
  • Maintain historical data for use in longitudinal and OLAP reporting using the data archiving and easy form imaging features

EXCENT ONLINE™ stores all the information necessary to track, analyze and report on your students with special needs. Generate IEPs, Comprehensive Evaluation Reports, notices to parents, December 1 counts, and much more using the powerful functionality of EXCENT ONLINE™. Accessed via the Internet, EXCENT ONLINE™ typically does not require any additional technology investment to implement. EXCENT ONLINE™ was designed in conjunction with educators so it’s easy to get everyone in your district up and running in no time.

Goal and objective banks, including the LCCE Banks from the Council of Exceptional Children are built in

EXCENT Online™ comes pre-loaded with banks of goals and objectives that are written to correlate with evaluation instruments and curriculum used by special education personnel. EXCENT Online™ provides the ability for users to modify these banks as well as create new ones. Banks of goals and objectives already in another electronic format can be imported into EXCENT Online™.

Forms integrate with students’ IEP

When filling out the IEP, users can choose commonly used goals and objectives from the selected bank or they can enter or modify their own unique goals and objectives directly on the IEP form.

  • Seamlessly integrated forms that generate comprehensive reports
  • Compliant with IDEIA 2004

IEP forms comply with state requirements

GET ensures that built-in IEP forms are in compliance with the latest state requirements. IEPs are broken down into functional areas such as Special Considerations, Present Levels of Performance, Services, Goals and Objectives, Accommodations, and Transition. Data entered into the IEP form can be used to generate state, local and federal reporting such as December 1 Counts, Office of Civil Rights reports, and state-wide testing reports.

A full range of reporting makes tracking and analyzing data less time consuming

Standardized reporting capabilities are built-in to EXCENT ONLINE™. Data can be organized and viewed by date, students, and events, case manager, school, teacher, and many other options.

Keywords: Iep, Special Education

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