V-Lok Camera Adaptors - Broadcast Camera/V-Mount/Power Adaptor

By: Hawk-woods  11/22/2011
Keywords: Camera

V-Lok camera adaptors provide additional power distribution and a mounting bracket. They will attach to a compatible camera just like a regular battery and then give you the camera battery fitting back again.


2 Switched Hirose /Power-Con Outputs /12V Reg 35W


2 Switched Hirose /Power-Con Outputs /12V Reg 50W


4 Switched Hirose /Power-Con Outputs /12V Reg 35W


4 Switched Hirose /Power-Con Outputs /12V Reg 50W

Keywords: Camera

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V-Lok Radio Mic Holders - Audio 2020/Sennheiser Radio Mic

V-Lok Radio Mic Holders have been designed to fit directly to all cameras supporting the Sony V-Mount fitting and our own V-Lok camera fitting. 2-Ch RM Holder - Audio CX-R / Sennheiser EK-3041.


V-Lok Power Supplies - Broadcast Camera/V-Mount/VL-P60

Fitted with an IEC Inlet, it will attach to all Sony cameras fitted with the V-Mount as well as any camera or monitor etc. fitted with our own the V-Lok Mount. This Power Supply Unit is one of the most compact and lightweight 60W on-board units available today. It features overload, over-voltage and short-circuit protection, plus world-wide mains compatibility.


V-Lok Camera Mounts &Monitor Fittings VL-CF1/VL-CF2/VL-CF4

These V-Lok fittings have been designed for attaching directly to other manufacturer’s equipment, this includes both camera’s and monitors. The door is open to take advantage of our extensive range of V-Lok batteries and powering accessories. Camera Mount - Sony/JVC/Panasonic - 50W regulated Power-Con. Panasonic LCD Monitor Fitting - 35W Regulated Power-Con.


V-Lok Batteries - Vlok/V-Lock/Camera Battery/VL100/VL140/VL175

Amongst they’re features are a built-in fuel gauge, discharge protection, short circuit protection and thermal protection. The V-Lok Battery range offer complete Sony V-Mount compatibility and are suitable for professional broadcast equipment. They feature the latest cell technology and offer stunning performance for their size and weight.


V-Lok Battery-System - V-Lok Batteries/Chargers/Adaptors/vlok/vlock

To date the V-Lok Battery-System includes a range of batteries, chargers, power supply units, camera fittings and radio mic holders. The V-Lok Battery-System is an advanced range of products designed for compatibility with the popular Sony V-Mount type fitting. V-Lok chargers are suitable for charging all V-Lok batteries and have also been designed to accept Sony® V-Mount type batteries.


V-Lok Dual Battery Adaptors - VL-XP1/VL-XP2 V-Mount Adaptor

One adaptor will allow you to switch between batteries of a more preferable charge level, the other will combine the capacity of two batteries. These two dual battery adaptors allow the operator to utilise the capabilities of two on-board V-Lok camera batteries. V-Lok Dual Battery Camera Adaptor - switchable battery power.