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Please register with Myra Tovey at 719-622-0703 for the following services:

Dreamwork Support Group   $10
Second Monday every of Month 6:00 pm – 8:15 pm.
(See calendar page for dates).

This group meets the second Monday of every month to help people interpret and understand their dreams. Myra teaches participants to remember their dreams, identify patterns in dreams, and more.

Heart Centered Living Workshops - $150
Includes:  Workbook, CD - Mediations from the Heart, Myra's book - Yes, I Will.
Saturday & Sunday - 9:00 am – 5:00 pm (See calendar for dates)

            This workshop is an in-depth exploration of the heart center. In this workshop                 participants learn, step by step, how to live a heart centered life. This includes                 some basic steps of how to meditate and quiet your mind. Through                                 dreamwork and storytelling, participants explore how to access the wisdom of                 their unconscious. Myra’s book Yes, I Will is used to share stories of spiritual                 discovery and healing. Use Pay Pal button below to pay for this event

Healing Touch Workshops
Held at Memorial Hospital or Penrose Hospital
Two day workshop - 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.  (See calendar for dates and registration).             A continuing education program for health care professionals and individuals.                 Participants gain an in-depth understanding of healing work, and practice using             energy based concepts. (16 CE)

 Individual Energy Balancing Sessions with Myra -  By appointment

            Energy balancing sessions are an energy – based approach to health and                     wellness. The practitioner uses their hands in a non – invasive way to clear,                     assess, and balance the client’s energy system. The goal is to restore harmony             and balance in the client’s energy system in order for self healing to occur.                     Energy balancing is helpful for pre-operative and post-operative procedures, post             chemo therapy, pain control, neck and back problems, accelerated wound and                 fracture healing, disease prevention, headaches, anxiety and stress reduction,                 and general well being. Myra’s work is based on a heart centered relationship                 where she and the client come together energetically for health and well being.

Phone Mentoring Sessions with Myra - By appointment.

            Myra offers sessions for those interested in Dream work, additional information or             guidance in using the Four Attributes of the Heart, Healing Touch, and Heart                 Centered Living. 
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The book inspires the reader to pay attention to the signs that are presented on a daily basis, recognize the truth of these signs, and to live our life accordingly by taking action. Through her stories of vulnerability and depth of spiritual commitment evolves one of our most outstanding practitioners in the art of healing. I Will brings new light to the function and understanding of traditional medicine as well as traditional religion.