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By: High Noon Feeds  11/26/2011
Keywords: Crude Fiber, Crude Fat

Top Dress HN501

Top Dress containing porcine blood.

Promotes clean, firm condition, muscle definition and athletic look.

Can be used in a holding ration.

Combination of zinc and chelated mineral pak to help with reproduction.

Promotes healthy skin and hair growth.

Over 16 years of producing many champions, from Jackpots to National Shows.

ORIGINAL GLO is not one of the new top dress products on the market; it is a classic among others that has stood on its merit for many years. ORIGINAL GLO is a top dress that you can look into the future with, because it consistently performs to meet the ever-changing demands of the show ring today. ORIGINAL GLO creates more top shape while developing a firm, uniform condition. Through essential amino acids and minerals ORIGINAL GLO energizes the metabolism to reduce stress and increase feed utilization which gives your animals an overall healthy appearance. The benefits of feeding ORIGINAL GLO add up to a noticeably better show ring presence, no matter what the species. ORIGINAL GLO has been a staple product for countless champion feeders through the years regardless of the various trends in animal selection. ORIGINAL GLO's colorful history has led it to be one of the most flexible feed products available. ORIGINAL GLO is truly a "top shelf' choice for all competitors today and will be well into the future.

Guaranteed Analysis: Feeding Directions

Crude Protein


40.0 %



2.6 %

Crude Fat



Crude Fiber







min 1.4 %

max 1.9 %



0.7 %


min 0.5%

max 1.0%






300 ppm



0.3 ppm

Vitamin A


13,350 IU/ LB

Show Goats   4 to 6 oz
Show Pigs   1 to 3 lbs
Show Lambs   up to 1 lb
Show Steers   1 to 4 lbs
Heifers   10 to 16 oz
Bulls   10 to 16 oz
Gestating/Lactating Sows & Boars   4 to 8 oz
Ewes & Rams for breeding   4 to 6 oz
Does & Billy Goats for breeding   4 to 6 oz

For breeding animals start feeding Original Glo 4 to 6 weeks before breeding and through breeding for better ovulation and semen quality.

Keywords: Crude Fat, Crude Fiber

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High Glo > Topdress: High Noon Feeds - It's High Time To Feed Better

Incorporating HIGH GLO into your feeding program will help you attain the goals of what the industry is looking for in all species. You will see an increase in overall bloom and completeness of condition across the rib that is desired in show livestock today. Countless lambs, pigs, goats and cattle have performed to new heights with HIGH GLO as part of their diet.


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If you are looking for a creep feed that performs like this and also gives them a great touch and bloom without adding fat cover across the ribs, then MAX START 90 is definitely the creep feed for your program. MAX START 90 does what its name says, it starts your lambs off at a maximum pace and the 90 is for 90 grams of Bovatec, which will help control coccidiosis.


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High Noon is very proud of our versatile additive; Shine’Em Up, because of its varied abilities and applications in your feeding program. Shine’Em Up works very well as a top dress for your creep feed when you are starting calves, baby lambs and kids. You can also use Shine’Em Up later on in your feeding program to add extra bloom to sale lambs.


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One feature of MAX START PLUS that makes it unique is that it will bloom your lambs quickly without giving them that sloppy fat and rounded look that is so hard for feeders to get rid of later on. HIGH NOON FEEDS understands the need for a creep feed for producers who market lambs in early sales and require more bloom out of a feed to get the lambs through the stress of sales.


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HIGHNOON'S FULL BLOOM will fulfill all your expectations, first it is a highly palatable pellet feed additive that your animal will dig right into, second it gives your animal a lustrous bloom and excellent finish, third it works great on your tougher doing animals that need some extra condition and give them that fresh healthy appearance. The swine, horse, and cattle people love this product and it also works great on all other species.


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CLEANXPRESSION will clean up the neck and jowl area on pigs and will help promote the uniform handle, look, and firm condition across the ribs that are so important on all species of show livestock. CLEANXPRESSION is another powerful product in HIGHNOON's exciting line up of feed additives that will work for you.