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By: Msb Technology  11/26/2011

" This is an uncannily revealing player that exposes the vast differences between recordings like no other digital source I've encountered."
"The MSB drive brought harmonics, image solidity and vibrancy of tone."


“This year I bought a Data CD IV/DAC IV Diamond (Monster ethernet link between the 2 units). This system is really fantastic and I enjoy hearing music like "live music" (I told you that I go often to concert, sometimes 2 or 3 times a week). The DAC IV Diamond is huge in term of musicality Yesterday, I ordered the "volume option" to get rid of my Lamm L2 Ref preamp and I intend to replace my Lamm M2.2 with your Platinum 202 mono amps. Bravo and best wishes for 2011. ”
Philippe - Paris/France

MSB has lead the industry with the perfection of new playback technologies. We produced the first high-end CD player using Ladder DAC technology in the 1980s. Then the first AC3 player and first THX approved laser disc player in the 90s. Our XPORT upgrade finally gave access to SACD and high resolution music on discs and our groundbreaking iLink digital iPod system introduced in 2007. Now the MSB Platinum DATA CD IV Transport is an optimized player for standard CDs and high resolution audio from CDs and DVDs (like the HRx discs by Reference Recordings). It sends perfected, jitter-free digital audio data from its solid state memory to any Digital to Analog Converter (DAC).

It accomplishes this task in a manner quite different than other CD transports and players. Using an optical ROM reader , the data is read from the disc in bit-perfect condition. Instead of smoothing over any read errors as other transports do, the MSB transport reads the disc again and again until the file is read perfectly, much the way a computer reads a data disc. The stored musical information is then played back to your DAC with perfect timing and extremely low jitter using our proprietary clocking technology and the MSB Network.

Just as with our iLink transport technology, there is no connection between the input and the output of the transport. Unlike a traditional CD transport, you are never listening directly to the data from the optical disc. Instead the data is pulled off the disc, stored, rebuilt and clocked back out using a highly stable clock.

The results are remarkable. Based on comparisons with any standard technology CD or computer based system, the DATA CD IV produces remarkably better sound quality for any listener on any system. This transport unlocks all the musical magic stored in your CD library and hidden from you up until now.

The MSB DATA CD IV has several unique features. First of all, the player uses an entirely stock computer DVD ROM drive. The drive is easier to install or replace as it is in any computer. As the only unreliable part of any transport, this feature allow quick replacement of the drive. As drives are inexpensive and can be obtained anywhere, we recommend replacing the drive as soon as reading sluggishness is noticed. As new drives come out, they can be tried out with ease. With this feature, the DATA CD IV will last a life-time.

The most exciting feature of the MSB transport is the ability to read high resolution computer files, without the use of a computer. Not just common resolutions, but .WAV files up to 384 kHz sampling rate and 32 bits! As of this writing, NO computer based system and NO other transport in the world can play back a 384 kHz x 32 bit file! Computer data files, recorded on a CD or DVD can be played just as easily as standard CDs.

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