Rhythm Touch Q supplies and Electrical Muscle Stimulator Replacement Pads and Cords

By: Pain Relief Essentials  11/22/2011
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Pain Relief Essentials offers carefully selected replacement pads and cords for the Rhythm Touch Q electrical muscle stimulator that are made in the USA.  These pads also work extremely well with other electrical muscle stimulators and electrical massagers such as TENS units, and other products of similar nature.

These cloth backed replacement pads (electrodes) are constructed of a uniquely coated Silver (Ag) carbon film that provide superior conductivity and eliminate electrical current "hot spots".

This highly conductive silver layer disperses the electrical current evenly over the entire electrode surface.  Our electrodes are also manufactured with stranded copper wire instead of a carbon lead.  The end result is that you will have a more comfortable and effective use of your device.

These electrodes

The slippers make the Rhythm Touch so much easier and convenient to use on your feet. Just drop a little water based jell (we like Aloe Vera gel) on the five contact points inside the slipper, slide your feet in and adjust the straps for good contact, connect the Rhythm Touch to the lead wires that come with the slippers, turn on the Rhythm Touch, adjust strength to comfortable level and sit back and enjoy.

The bottom of our feet is like a fuse box. There are several pressure points on the bottom of our feet and these pressure points are associated with other parts of out body. By stimulating the pressure points the body part associated with the pressure point is also stimulated. The accu-slippers stimulate these pressure points and activate circulation.

If you have neuropathy you may not feel the stimulation right away, even at full strength. Customers report either feeling the stimulation immediately to up to two weeks before feeling the sensation with consistent use. Take it at your pace but use it at lease once a day for at least 15 minutes. Consistent use is the key; don’t expect to get the same results sitting down for two hours once a week as you would if you used the slippers 15 minutes every day

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We've been selling the Rhythm Touch for so many years with so few problems that we can now offer you the best security available for your purchase!The Rhythm Touch 2 Massagers come with a five year unconditional factory warranty. We will need to verify your product information with you prior to granting the warranty regarding where the device was purchased, serial numbers, etc., and will award these warranties on a case by case basis.


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Last night I woke up in such pain I went to the living room sat in my chair had taken my limit of pain pills tried to get comfortable finally decided it was time to go to the ER. Please visit the individual condition pages for specific information and instruction on how to use these products to help alleviate your specific pain. I am late in getting this note to you but wanted to let you know that my Rhythm Touch unit has been a blessing.


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The Rhythm Touch Q Electrical Muscle Stimulator Deluxe Package Contains. Acu-Roller Mobile Stimulator and Massager. Rhythm Touch Q Unit with Batteries. Lead wires (will operate 4 pads).


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With the longest history of use and with many thousands of customers who have found reduction relief from their pain through the use of this particular machine, we have found most of our users prefer this brand. Because of their low frequency and higher safety, a few devices including the Rhythm Touch are approved for sale without a prescription by the US Food and Drug Administration.