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By: Pki Biometrics  11/28/2011
Keywords: Biometrics, Csp, Face Recognition

Digitally Sign and Encrypt E-Mail with PKI-Biometrics

WhoIsIt is the first biometric security program to develop a biometric cryptographic service provider CSP

WhoIsIt's Biometric engine uses Voice, fingerprint or optional face recognition to authenticate applications that support the Microsoft CAPI standard.

Application such as:

  • Outlook
  • Outlook Express
  • SecureZip for PKware
  • And more

Those wishing to digitally sign and encrypt e-mail using biometrics such as fingerprint and voice authentication may say that this technology will be available in the future, but for those using the WhoIsIt biometric security program the future is here.

QVoice was first to deliver a retail biometric security program using Voice authentication in 1994. Now with 10 years of biometric experience QVoice has leveraged its expertise in biometrics and encryption technology to develop the first biometric (CSP) Cryptographic Service Provider based on the Microsoft CAPI standard.

WhoIsIt lets you encrypt your e-mail to ensure that the message and attachments may only be read by the intended recipients.

WhoIsIt WhoIsIt requires biometric proof of your identity before it allows you to digitally sign your e-mails and attachments to prove that the message and attachments really came from you and not an imposter and were not tampered en route via the internet.

The days of remembering PIN Numbers and passwords to decrypt and digitally sign e-mail, attachments are gone.

Key Features

• Secure your encryption and signing keys and store them on the local PC or any removable USB flash device.
• Authenticate private key usage with WhoIsIt PKI-biometrics
• Encrypt and decrypt e-mail, documents and data with WhoIsIt PKI biometrics.
• Sign and validate your e-mail, messages, attachments and documents.
• Authenticate to applications with PKI challenge/response technology if supported by application provider.

To use the WhoIsIt biometric CSP the user needs to obtain a digital certificate from an approved CA such as COMODO or VeriSign

Keywords: Biometrics, Cryptographic Service, Csp, Face Recognition, Voice Authentication

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