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By: Quick Start Products  11/26/2011
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All Quick Start systems are manufactured and 100% tested on site. All components are qualified to exceed military standards and many are certified by specific Original Equipment Manufacturers of Diesel Engines. Part materials are chosen for heavy duty applications. Each and every unit is tested prior to shipping to ensure the highest quality product in the field. Every employee is involved in the Quick Start quality program.
All of our products and services are completely warranted. Quick Start Products and Solutions is proud to state that we are the most reliable in quality and customer service, as well as the most economical cold weather system on the market today.

Our products include complete systems (ECM controlled Continuous Flow Ether Injection Systems, Electric Measured Shot Systems, Manual Measured Shot Ether Injection Systems); products such as electric solenoid valves, fuel cylinders, automatic valves, atomizers, mechanical valves, weather guards, thermocloz, actuator cables, automatic ignition control units and more; and services such as assembly and subassembly, custom design, manufacturing, dipping, warehousing, distribution, research and consulting.

Electronic Control Module Software allows for more Engine Protection Benefits!

Many Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) develop electronic control modules that can monitor and control ether delivery for engine conditions in demanding situations.

Engine conditions such as those listed below allow a small amount of ether blend to be released. Benefits can include more powerful piston strokes, less harmful exhaust, less engine wear, and longer engine life. ECMs may be programmed to monitor and control ether blend delivery during different engine conditions such as:

  • Low temperature to -50F
  • Low engine fly-wheel RPM (for example, less than 150 RPM)
  • Exhaust sensors (white smoke or particulate level)

Continuous Precision Flow Design requires cooperative effort of Quick Start solutions engineers and your design team. Full integration with your ECM allows for:

  • Improved timing and ether injection for faster starts.
  • Perfect Start Scenario (the unit will only respond upon ECM command)
  • Reduction of white smoke for cleaner air exhaust
  • Elimination of driver involvement as required for manual injection
  • Prohibits excessive use of ether by drivers
  • Prohibit the injection of ether into an already warm engine.


Every system manufactured by Quick Start Products and Solutions, Inc. is tested to be of the consistently highest quality, whether produced for the after-market, O.E.M., or the military. Quick start premium diesel engine starting systems are certified to meet the quality standards as set by:

  • ISO 9001:2000
  • U.S Government Quality Standard MIL-1-45208A
  • Navistar Certified Supplier
  • Caterpillar Quality Certified Vendor
  • Oshkosh Truck Certified Supplier (Military and Commercial)
  • Stewart & Stevenson Qualified Vendor (Military and Commercial)
  • Freightliner Certified Supplier
  • Detroit Diesel Certified Vendor
  • Cummins Certified Supplier
  • Many Others

We Stand by our Warranty!

Quick Start Diesel Engine Cold Weather Starting Systems are guaranteed to be free from any defect in workmanship or materials from one year from the date of purchase. Upon return to the factory and undergoing a quality assurance failure analysis, the defective valve or component will be replaced. This warranty does not cover labor, progressive damage, service charges or anything other than replacement of the product. Obsolete hazardous products are not returnable. It is necessary to contact Quick Start Products and Solutions, Inc., prior to return to obtain information and authorization for the product return.

Keywords: Diesel Engine, Diesel Engine Starting, Engine, Ether

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Diesel Engine Ether Injection Systems - cylinders

Specifications: Size – 10.5” x 3” x .030”Safety Relief Device Exceeds DOT 39 Requirements.?Content – 650 cc?Empty Cylinder Weight – 17 oz.Full Cylinder Weight – 33.6 oz. Quick Start Premium Fuel Cylinder?(Department of Transportation Compliant.


Diesel Engine Ether Injection Systems - valves

Quick Start is the leader in cold aid starting systems, and has been for over 40 years. We have designed affordable and efficient systems in response to customer needs. We maintain market leading positions with products such as. We manufacture, assemble, and deliver dependable products. ECM controlled Continuous Flow Ether Injection Systems. Manual Measured Shot Ether Injection Systems.


Diesel Engine Ether Injection Systems - thermostats

Quick Start provides two types of thermostats, a surface mount which has a 3/8 inch mounting hole, and a screw-in 1/8 and other NPT type for electrical applications. Modern diesel engines have Electronic Control Module which utilize sensors already mounted throughout the vehicle. To operate a diesel engine safely a thermostat, or temperature sensor, is required. One of these sensors detects temperature and relays the input to the ECM.


Atomizers & Tubing | Diesel Engine Ether Injection Systems

This atomizer effectively vaporizes ether into a fog within the intake manifold eliminating spray direction mishaps; our proprietary ultra-fine drill design delivers failsafe ether injection. Ovoid directing the ether spray onto internal walls and/or partitions inside the mounting location to avoid “puddling” of the ether.