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By: Rolla Farmer's Exchange  11/26/2011

We now carry 14% Commodity Blend for all classes of beef cattle:

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude protein – Min 14.0%

Crude Fat – Min 3.0%

Crude Fiber – Max 10.0%

Calcium (Ca) – Min 0.5%, Max 1.0%

Phosphorous (P) – Min 0.6%

Potassium (K) – Min 0.9%


Processed grain by-products, roughage products, grain products and calcium carbonate

Feeding Directions

Feed 1/2% to 1% of body weight to cattle. Feed along with good quality forage. Offer MFA Gold Star livestock mineral free choice to provide supplemental vitamins and minerals

Manufactured by: MFA Incorporated, Net Weight 50 lb (22.6) kg) or Bulk


The beef cow plays a vital role in agriculture because of her ability to convert grass, roughage, and by-products into an edible product – beef. Missouri is one of the best areas in the nation for economical beef production.

The objective of the cattleman is to put meat on the table at a price most people can afford and still make a decent living for himself. A sound genetic base, good management and proper cattle nutrition will help fulfill these objectives.

MFA beef feeding programs and suggestions are based on the most recent research available. At our beef reserach in Marshall, Missouri, we use the most modern management practices, strategies and technology to ensure our research is results-driven from a practical application standpoint.

MFA feed mills are continuously updated and modernized to take advantage of new manufacturing technologies that ensure the milling of MFA beef feed is done effeciently and in an economic manner.

The following BEEF feed is available at MFA Farmers Exchange in Rolla:

  • MFA Beef Creep Pellets BT-34  – $17.25 hw
  • MFA Cattle Charge w/BT – $ 18.70hw
  • MFA Cattle Charge w/AS-700  – $ 18.35hw
  • A Trendsetter Developer Ration _ $18.90 hw
  • MFA Blu-Ribbon Sweet Feed – $ 16.15 hw
  • MFA Salt Mix No. 1  – $ 17.25 hw
  • MFA Salt Mix No. 1  W/MAG $ 18.05 
  • MFA Cattle Breeder 20 Cubes -  $ 19.20hw  ALL FEED PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE
  • MFA 16% Range Cube $ 7.95 per 50 lb Bag  SUPER BUY!!
  • ROLLA SPECIAL  12% Feed  $ 7.85 per 50 lb Bag !!
  • 5-20-11


In order to achieve high production, dairy cattle must get as much dry matter (forage and grain) intake as possible. Each cow in a milking herd that averages 20,000 pounds of milk per year or greater, will consume in excess of 4% of their body weight. Extremely high producing cows in herds that average 35,000 pounds or milk per year will consume 6% of their body weight in dry matter intake. MFA feeds are designed for high production.

Getting a herd of cows to consume sufficient dry matter for high production is not an easy task. The dairyman must provide high quality foodstuffs of both forage and grain with no marginal ingredients included. The dairyman must be able to increase dry matter intake without making his cows sick, causing displaced abomasums and, in gneral, having a couple of cows off-feed or foundered. To accomplish this task, he must pay close attention to startch, palatability, quality of protein, bypass protein content and fiber levels of the ration. MFA dairy feeding programs produce milk – efficiently!

The following DAIRY feed is available at MFA Farmers Exchange in Rolla:

  • MFA 22-20 Milk Replacer
  • MFA Turbo 16 w/Flakes

If you have questions about how to implement the safest, healthiest and most cost effective feeding program for your cattle, give us a call at (573)-364-1874 or drop by our store at 209 East 8th Street in Rolla to talk with a member of our experienced staff. All feed prices subject to change with out   notice.

The information in this article was current at 24 Nov 2011

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