SonnyLight LED Kitchen Garden

By: Sonnylight, LLC  09/15/2010
Keywords: Sustainability, Gardens, Grow Lights


SonnyLight offers the “World’s Most Technologically Advanced LED Grow Light Systems”.  Revolutionizing the way to grow indoors, SonnyLight’s sophisticated stainless steel clad LED Kitchen Garden™ provides the exact wavelength that plants love.  Watch your plants thrive while the Grow Logic™ software automatically adjusts the wavelengths for 5 different plant types* through the 3 growth phases**  SonnyLight™’s intuitive, easy to use Auto Grow™ feature  takes a plant from seed to harvest indoors. Our soil based, standard 10” x 20” heavy duty nursery tray provides you the versatility to start up to 72 seedlings for transplant out of doors.   Experience for yourself the benefit of all season gardening at your fingertips!  You provide the soil, seeds and water we provide the right light for any season at anytime. Save money and energy using our LEDs with a lifespan of greater than 12 years and operating cost less than $14.00 annually.

Select Plant Type - *Flowering Plants, Broad Leaf, Sprouts, Standard Leaf–non Flowering, Standard Leaf–Flowering

Select Grow Phase - **Germination, Vegetative Growth, Budding/Fruiting

Modern Technology. Organic Sensibility.

Keywords: Gardens, Grow Lights, Indoor Herb Gardens, led grow lights, Sustainability