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By: Souhegan Wood Products  12/08/2011
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Since 1955, Souhegan Wood Products has been a global leader in the production and distribution of belt-winding cores. Also known as extruded shells, our rugged cores provide unrivaled strength and internal support for industrial belt winding. They are most commonly used in rolling industrial textiles such as leather, tire fabric, or conveyor belts.

Standard Cores

Our compressed wood particle cores are more sturdy than those made from traditional lumber, which are vulnerable to pressure that splits the wood along a directional grain. SWP cores have tremendous crush strength and high impact resistance that can stand up to the rigors of sustained use. And they’re simple to implement – cores are lightweight, easily cut to desired lengths, and materials can be quickly attached and wound at high speeds.

Paper-wound core

For added hoop and beam strength, our newest option starts with our standard core, which is wound in a paper sheath to create a lightweight core that is ideal for heavy-weight applications.

Staved core

Our patented staved core option provides greater axial compressive and beam strength for extremely demanding situations. We laminate custom-cut softwood staves onto our standard core and band the ends for enhanced durability.

Keywords: Wood Products

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