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By: Tennessee Preferred Medical :: Pain Clinic Oak Ridge, TN  02/04/2013
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At Tennessee Preferred Medical, we specialize in interventional pain management. We provide the highest quality of specialized medical services and compassionate care in a friendly, team-oriented environment. We are insurance ONLY. On your first visit we will have a physical and urinalysis, as well as review your 90-day printout from your pharmacy for other related medical procedures. Then, on your second visit, we will review the results with you to determine the best method of procedure/medication for you. Procedures are performed if deemed necessary.

The next step in the treatment of pain is a combination of physical therapy and prescribed pain medication. It is important to note that sometimes, interventional pain management needs to be started prior to Physical Therapy in order to stop acute pain (i.e. acute radiculopathy) and allow the patient to comply with necessary exercise.

If prescribed pain medication and physical therapy don't work, the next step is usually interventional pain management, unless the patient has acute loss of function or acute neurological deficit (in which case surgery is needed).

If interventional pain management doesn't alleviate the pain, surgery might be required. However, even after surgery interventional pain management has a very important role in the treatment of patients, especially when all other options are exhausted (ex. "failed back surgery" syndrome).

Physician on Staff.


•Non-Surgical Injections

•Narcotic-free numbing lotions


•Tens Units

•Back Braces

Keywords: Back Pain, Chronic Arm and Leg Pain, Chronic Painful Muscle Conditions, Knee Pain, Neck Pain,

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