Comprehensive Web Analytics for Bands + Record Labels

By: Tough Customer  11/25/2011
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Website Analytics + SEO :

Forget mailing lists. Rock show + beer + clipboard + pencil doesn't exactly equal legible anyway. There are much better ways to know your audience these days. A solid foundation in web analytics is part and parcel with many of the services we offer, but it can be much more than just a retrospective evaluational tool for market performance data. Truly intensive analytics can reflect changes in the marketplace as a whole, not just what's directly related to your band. And knowing how to read the numbers and trends is what we're all about. We can help distill the atmospheric cloud of 'buzz' down to a set of very specific projections, and help you understand how you can take advantage of what you've got.

Along with understanding the data, we'll also be able to map and manipulate how you're appearing in popular search engines. This is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Since this is probably how every member of your fan base will find you at one time or another, it's a great idea to take control of your web profile and work it to your advantage.

Keywords: Search Engine Optimization, Search Engines, Seo, Web Analytics

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Tough Customer knows this, and we're using this knowledge to create an organization that will become an efficient conduit between hipsters, cool kids, trendsetters, tastemakers and a lot of really great music. We subscribe to The WOMMA guidelines for ethical grass roots marketing, meaning we're going to represent you without being shady - giving you one more edge over your big-label brethren.


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When we worked corporate, this is the kind of stuff we were well paid for: human traffic analysis, interface design, information architecture mapping, and content advising.


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We can even make informed predictions on where you will have the biggest audience, which can help you plan successful, profitable tours and sell lots of merch. Link tracking, in combination with other web analytic methods, will help us to further spec out your overall audience size. To begin with, we're going to find all of those, and map out your buzz index in the present. This is where the web analytics start.


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We've sat at the music director's desk, fielding phone calls from novice gangster rap acts and we've sat at the label rep's desk whispering sweet nothings to our favorite music directors. We've memorized the CMJ guide and we know which suburban high school radio stations secretly house the tastemakers of tomorrow. Your friends at Tough Customer have worked on both the giving and receiving ends of that equation.


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