Total Health with Dr Brent Van Hala in North Canton OH

Total Health with Dr Brent Van Hala in North Canton OH from Van Hala Dental Group

By: Van Hala Dental Group  01/23/2013
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Oral Systemic Inflammation Dr Brent takes a unique focus on total health, because dental health is directly related to peoples' overall health. For example, a constant state of inflammation in the body due to Gum disease can lead to diseases like cardio-vascular disease, diabetes, stroke and even some forms of cancer in extreme cases. Dr Brent Van Hala focuses on advanced testing, customized treatment approaches and consultation with your physician. Sleep Disorders Van Hala Dentists have partnered with the AAOSH and the Cleveland Clinic to offer an online course designed to improve sleep for those suffering from insomnia. The sleep disorders increase the risk for stroke, high blood pressure, heart attack, depression and sexual impotence. Please call us to learn more about this. Safe Silver Mercury Removal For people concerned with the risk of mercury toxicity, our measures are based on IAOMT, (International Association of Oral Medicine and Toxicology) recommendations. See our website to get more details. Tmj Disfunction TMJ Disorder is a general term describing a variety of signs and symptoms people experience in the head and neck area. It occurs due to damage to the joints, most often caused by stress, trauma or other injury. TMJ therapy includes splints/retainers of various designs which can help correct poor bites, decrease stresses at the joint level, and reduce muscle hyperactivity including clenching and grinding habits. Physical therapy can be helpful for sore muscles, cervical neck issues, sleep position, improved posture, and self help advice such as biofeedback. Medications for inflammation, muscle relaxation, and sleep are generally used to relieve TMJ pain. Serious joint problems may need surgical intervention in extreme cases. If TMJ Disorders are left untreated, it may result in ever increasing TMJ , reduced jaw mobility and inability to function normally over a longer period of time. Wellness It is found that the four factors, namely tobacco use, diet, lack of physical activity and stress, cause 75% of disease in America. This results in overstressed American healthcare and costs the average person $6032 per year. We, at Van Hala Dental Group, offer an expert-guided online program designed by the wellness team at the world-famous Cleveland Clinic. We focus on the right diet, correct sleep order and stress management ultimately designed to reduce your risk of developing stress related diseases. So relax and call us.

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