GPS Tracking/Monitor Device, GPS Anti-theft Device

By: Vigil Marine  12/31/2010
Keywords: Gps Tracking, Asset Tracking, Vehicle Tracking

GPS Tracking/Monitor Device, GPS Anti-theft Device

Vigil Marine© is proud to announce the GPS Vigil geo®, the next generation wireless vessel/vehicle monitoring system. Designed to deliver security and piece of mind, the Vigil geo® is a real time, wireless tracking and monitoring device that protects your outboard engine, jet-ski, boat, car, ATV or motorcycle. Vigil geo® is an affordable self-contained GPS tracking, monitoring and control device that instantly sends a text message if your vessel or vehicle is tampered with, or moved outside of a certain set radius. Additionally, it provides GPS location and track of the vessel/vehicle.

The ideal anti-theft device, once installed, Vigil geo® requires no additional effort. The GPS Tracking unit is covert and can be hidden in any car, truck, motorcycle, trailer, boat, RV or motor home. The size of a mobile phone, Vigil geo® has been tailored to the rugged and water-resistant demands of the marine industry. Vigil comes in a 100% water-resistant, gasketed housing that installs easily, in just minutes, underneath an outboard engine or jet-ski cowling. Only a two-wire connection is needed.

Anti-theft systems are designed to raise the difficulty of theft to an infeasible or unacceptable level. While no vessel/vehicle is theft proof, Vigil geo® GPS anti-theft system should be part of the solution. The fact is that theft in general and boat theft in particular is a growing problem in this country. Boats and their contents are easy targets for thieves. If unguarded at a critical moment, your boat or valuable gear can be lost forever.

Some feel that in the case of vessel or vehicle theft, the best deterrent to theft is in the installation of a vehicle anti theft immobilizer. Many vehicles and outboard motors (added optional cost) have factory installed units and afford protection through the ignition system. OEM immobilizers function through the ECM/PCM (computer) under the hood of the vehicle or engine cover of an outboard motor. In general terms, the RFID tag attached to the key must be read by the ECM in order to allow ignition to occur. Unfortunately, organized crime members are often able to bypass these systems and motor away. Failing that, the vessel or vehicle can be simply towed away.

Make your boat a poor target for thieves by installing the Vigil geo® system, along with other high tech solutions like immobilizers and low tech solutions like a receiver lock, hitch lock and prop lock nut. When combined, these security items will make your boat and gear tough to steal.

Should you be concerned? Read what the experts have to say...

From "Marine theft is a problem nationwide. All sizes and types of boats and related equipment are vulnerable. Million of dollars in insurance claims are made each year due to the thefts of boats, motors, trailers and an array of associated equipment. Any boat can be stolen and all the precautions are no guarantee against theft, but there are steps you can take to discourage thieves. Time, noise, and visibility are three elements that cause risk to a thief. Take steps that will require a thief to take more time, to make excessive noise, or to be observed."

From "It's summertime, and the stealing is easy. Especially on the water, where thieves steal an average 1,000 boats a month, according to BOAT/U.S., the nation's largest organization of recreational boaters. Boat thefts cost the boating community $85 million a year. A survey of the theft claims filed from 1986-1996 with BOAT/U.S. Marine Insurance showed personal watercraft (PWC) were the most likely to be taken, followed by motor-powered runabouts, powerboats with cabins, trawlers, and sailboats. Recovering a stolen boat isn't easy, either: The odds of getting it back are only one in ten."

From "Across the nation, as recreational boating continues to gain popularity, more and more boats, trailers, equipment, electronics and personal items are stolen each year. Most of these crimes are committed by amateurs who, when tempted with an easy opportunity, can't resist the temptation."

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