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By: Vivitro Labs  11/25/2011

Our customers use the world’s bestselling pulse duplicator, the ViVitro Pulse Duplicator, to conduct hydrodynamic testing to assess the fluid mechanic/hemodynamic performance of heart valves replacement, and to determine indicators of valve performance in terms of load to the heart and potential for blood stasis and damage. Our Pulse Duplicator is also often used as a physiological heart model to generate peripheral flows and evaluate LVADs or other assisting devices.

The ViVitro Pulse Duplicator is the world’s most widely used heart model, and incorporates the functional capability to test two heart valve substitutes simultaneously in left or right heart configurations while assessing performance and function under simulated cardiac conditions. Powered by a piston-in-cylinder pump head driven by a digital motor with a high torque to inertia ratio, this design provides long lasting and virtually maintenance free reliability.

The ViViTest data acquisition and control system manages the pump, which allows for various ventricular waveform states and beat rates, while capturing physiologically pressures and valve flows. When the ViViTest software control system is combined with the ViVitro Labs Pulse Duplicator, physiological flow and pressure can be readily created, collected, and analyzed. Meeting validation, verification and testing in accordance with ISO 13485 requirements, the ViViTest software is essential to the collection of data that meets ISO 5840 and FDA requirements.

The Pulse Duplicator System from ViVitro Labs Inc. is capable of testing:

  • Percutaneous valves (deploy through entryway)
  • Stentless valves
  • Stented tissue valves
  • Mechanical valves
  • Venous valves
  • Other cardiovascular devices
  • Create physiological flows for peripheral device assessment
  • Model to evaluate LVAD or other assist systems

The Pulse Duplicator System from ViVitro Labs Inc. features:

  • Rapid pacing for percutaneous deployment simulation
  • Pediatric cardiac output simulations
  • Ventricle membrane to replicate the natural chamber flow
  • View ports to observe and record valve function and adjacent flow fields
  • Aids in flow visualization studies
  • Thin acrylic windows permit ultrasound transmission for interrogation of flow fields regions
  • Transducer sites to measure wall pressures in the atrium, ventricle, and aortic/pulmonary outflow tract
  • Control pulsatile fluid flows to simulate various cardiac flow conditions to include arrhythmia, normal, hypo and hypertensive states at an assortment of cardiac outputs and beat rates
  • Peripheral resistance and supplementary characteristic compliances to simulate cardiovascular character and resistance
  • The ability to create and control cardiac waveforms at various physiological states and frequencies, including arrhythmia and wave trains. Waveforms can be easily created with up to 1200 control statements
  • Materials are chemically compatible with most sterilization and testing solutions
  • Right and Left heart configurations

Optional components enable:

  • Testing of various cardiac valve types and cardiac structures
  • Viscoelastic Impendence Adapter to vary ventricle pressure behavior
  • Heat exchanger for operating test fluid at 37ºC to simulate physiological conditions
  • Percutaneous heart valve entry
  • Measurement of average coronary flow


Dry Weight: 25 lb
Dimensions: 32” long x 18” wide x 20” tall
Power requirements: 115V / 230VAC, 50-60Hz
Temperature Range: up to 40°C ± 0.1°C
Flow Rate: 1 – 10 L/min
Heart Rate: 30 – 220 bpm

The ViVitro Pulse Duplicator and ViViTest is manufactured in an ISO 13485 facility and meets applicable CE marking directives.

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