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By: Fidelis Capital Markets  11/01/2014
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What is forex trading Onlione Forex Trading or trading in forex is a form of exchange for buying and selling currencies on a decentralized platform over the globe. From a beginner point of view to understand forex trading, let’s keep it this way, it involves buying and selling of different currency pairs. Different currencies are combined together and pairs are formed like EUR/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF. Traders either buy or sell these currency pairs in forex trading. However like stock markets forex trading is not centralized. Online Forex Trading-How it functions Forex trading is facilitated with the help of brokers. Forex brokers act as middlemen in bringing forex trading to daily traders or investors like us. Earlier only big banks and corporates were involved in foreign exchange. Forex brokers tie up with banks and banks provide liquidity and rates to brokers. Brokers in turn pass on these rates to traders and in turn charge a small commission for each trade traded. All brokers provide a trading platform for facilitating forex trading through which traders can see prices offered by brokers on different currency pairs and trade. Few popular trading platforms are MT4(Metatrader 4) by metaquotes. Leverage in Forex Forex trading involves high risk and not all should participate in forex trading as traders can lose all money they invest. You should only risk the capital which you can afford to lose. To start with forex trading, it is advisable to start with forex demo trading and then move on to live trading with small amount. All forex brokers offer leverage ranging from 1:100 up to 1:1000. Which basically means that for $1 you can buy up to $100. But leverage is a double edge sword, if it can amplify profits it can also amplify losses as well in the same amount. So it is always advisable to start forex trading with small trades and use different forex analysis and forex signals and indicators to help you in trading.

Keywords: Best Forex Broker in India, ECN Broker in India, Forex Traing,

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