Alternator Repair in Alabaster, Al

By: Melton Automotive Inc.  06/25/2014
Keywords: alternator repair in alabaster

When you start you turn your ignition, little warning lights on your dash will flash testing the circuits. If systems are working properly, the lights will go out. The warning light that looks like the outline of a little battery is there to let you know that the battery is charging properly. When the light remains on, call Melton Automotive to check the problem. The car battery is the source of the electricity to start your engine. Although the battery stores a minimal amount of electricity, it relies on the alternator to generate the electricity needed to power the vehicle. The alternator recharges the battery plus powers the accessories such as the power seats, radio/stereo, fan, lights, etc. When the alternator doesn't charge the battery as it should, there won't be enough electricity to run all the accessories. Don't let a failing alternator leave you stranded. Call Melton Automotive in Alabaster, Alabama. What could be wrong with your alternator? They are made up of copper wire coils, magnets, and bearings. Eventually all moving parts will wear out. Your alternator may be failing when the gauge lights blink on, the headlights dim, you can smell burning wires, or have a dead battery. Your Alabaster AL service technician at Melton Automotive will install the correct alternator for your vehicle. If you need a heavy duty alternator we can also handle that. Call Melton Automotive.

Keywords: alternator repair in alabaster

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