Auto Ac Repair in Alabaster, Al

By: Melton Automotive Inc.  06/25/2014
Keywords: Automotive Air Conditioning Repair, Auto Ac Repair, Auto Air Conditioning Repair

In Alabaster, Alabama, we know the importance of air conditioning. The only thing worse than a stuffy house is a stifling car. Most of us take air conditioning for granted. Gone are the days when power steering and air conditioning were options. We expect cold air and don't give the air conditioning a second thought until it blows hot air. Take time to let Melton service your car air condition system since it can be very expensive to repair or replace. Everyone knows that refrigerant is a necessary ingredient for any air conditioner but few know why. Refrigerant is the lubricating oil that cools and protects the moving parts of the air conditioner. Without sufficient refrigerant, the friction will decrease the life of the A/C parts. The refrigerant is just as important to the air conditioner as oil is to the engine and just as engine oil needs changing, so does old refrigerant. With time, refrigerant becomes old, dirty, less effective and even corrosive. This combination can erode parts of the A/C causing leaks. Turn to Melton Automotive in Alabaster for car air condition maintenance. Even with regular air conditioner maintenance, moving parts can eventually succumb to normal wear and tear. At the first sign of a problem, contact Melton Automotive. Addressing a problem in the early stage can prevent even more expensive repairs. An example would be the A/C clutch – which is responsible for turning the compressor on and off. If a bad clutch isn't replaced, eventually you will be replacing the clutch and compressor. If you live in Alabaster, you know that we may use our car air conditioner about 9 months per year. Check your owner's manual service recommendations or talk to an advisor at Melton Automotive. Remember when you turn your car A/C on, if you hear strange noises or feel only warm air, have us give it the once over and see what it'll take to keep you cool.

Keywords: Auto Ac Repair, Auto Air Conditioning Repair, Automotive Air Conditioning Repair

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