Exhaust Repair in Alabaster, Al

By: Melton Automotive Inc.  06/25/2014
Keywords: Exhaust Repair

Most people don't think about their vehicle's exhaust system until there is a problem. The exhaust system removes carbon monoxide, a poisonous gas and by-product of the engine. Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas and the reason you should never run your car in a closed garage. You certainly don't want carbon monoxide to seep inside the car causing sickness or worst case, death. The muffler is part of the exhaust system. Its primary purpose is to muffle the engine noise. A small hole, or loose connection associated with the muffler may first be noticed with a slight rumble noise. Call Melvin Automotive to have a trained technician inspect your muffler and exhaust system. The last, but not least, purpose of the exhaust system is to catch exhaust gas pollutants. That is the purpose of the catalytic converter. Considering the replacement cost, you want to do everything possible to extend the life of your catalytic converter. Melvin Automotive can assist you with this by replacing your air filter and maintaining a clean fuel system. When or if you do need the catalytic converter replaced, we are your trusted automotive repair center in Alabaster, AL. Come by soon for an emission test soon.

Keywords: Exhaust Repair

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