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By: AQSIQ Certificate  09/15/2015
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AQSIQ Certificate serviceChina AQSIQ Certificate application Knowledge and waste plastic importers list Selling Dear All, Here is Justin from China Recycling Inspection Service Co.,Ltd Does AQSIQ have any special requirements for the pictures and plans provided by application enterprise? The requirements as follow: site image file (video or photos) shall show (1) enterprise name and address exterior; (2) work place of all departments; (3) each work procedure of processing place; if not complete, it’s unqualified. There are some labels in plans: address, size (length and width), units of measurements, if not complete, it’s unqualified; only note area, can be recognized as no dimension. To help you find China waste plastic importers, we made China waste plastic importers list. There are around 430 enterprises on our list, all contact information are available.Contact me for more information Which way can inquire application progress and status during application process for foreign suppliers? Foreign suppliers can call to consult registration application questions. You also can enter AQSIQ electronic supervision system to see about application status. If we receive “Notice of Rejection Registration” from China AQSIQ, can we reapply? Yes, you can. You need to submit original materials again, and emphasis on analyzing and correcting unqualified reasons of notice of rejection registration. All waste plastics can import to China, can’t they? No, they can’t. According to the provisions of “Environmental protection control standard for imported solid wastes as raw materials”, only can import waste and scrap of plastics that shall refer to the remnant materials, leftover materials, and inferior products produced in the manufacture and processing of plastics, and thermoplastics that has been processed and washed (in chips, blocks, granulated or powdery). Thermosetting waste plastics are prohibited.

Keywords: AQSIQ agency

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What need to do if you missed AQSIQ renewal time? Waste raw materials AQSIQ license should be renewed 6 months in advance, if you missed the renewal time, enterprises have to apply new AQSIQ for your company. According to 2016 China latest regulations, if you do not apply renewal on AQSIQ electronic system 2 months in advance, the system will be closed and refuse enterprise suppliers to click renewal application on it. What is the requirement to apply a new AQSIQ certificate? What is the diffe

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AQSIQ/AQSIQ license/AQSIQ certificate/aqsiq registration/aqsiq agency service An supplier enterprise applying for AQSIQ license registration shall fulfill the following conditions: 1. It shall be a legitimate enterprise in its own country (region); 2. It shall have permanent office or processing location and shall have a considerable operating scale; 3. It shall have familiarity with and a good understanding of the technical regulations on environmental protection and applicable environmenta

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Scrap materials supplier enterprises aqsiq license registration application The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) has decided, in accordance with the relevant regulations of the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Import and Export Commodity Inspection, to adopt provisional administrative measures on registration of overseas supplier enterprises exporting scrap materials to Mainland China (hereinafter referred to as “supplier enterprises”) wit

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China Feed Registration License Pet Feed additive license application Overseas suppliers export to Pet Feed or Feed additive to China, have to register Feed and Feed additive license from China MOA. Documents required as below: 1.Reference to" the import of feed and feed additive registration application materials list" 2.The application materials in English, Chinese before, and English in the back; In Hong Kong and Macao special administrative region and Taiwan's application for registratio

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AQSIQ Registration Certificate Renewal Application By Justin Xu from China Recycling Inspection Service Co.,Ltd To enhance the supervision and management of the inspection and quarantine of imported raw waste materials, in 2004, the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (hereinafter referred to as “AQSIQ”) adopted registration management measures with respect to overseas supplier enterprises that export raw waste materials to Mainland China regions.

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AQSIQ Certificate Onsite Inspection Points AQSIQ License Application form 1,Printed application form 2, Application content is completed according to the notes 3,Signature on form should by legal representative’s 4,Original seals 5, The content of application from is consistent with AQSIQ electronic system Notarized business and tax registration documents 1,Provide Chinese translation version 2, The enterprise name of the notarized document is consistent with the application 3,Registe

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AQSIQ will cancel CCIC designated Inspection (15/08/2016) Dear All This is Justin Xu from China Recycling Inspection Service Co.,Ltd. Recently, China AQSIQ published a new announcement about how to become a pre shipment inspection agency. As we all know that CCIC is responsible for all inspection for waste materials exporting to China in these years. In order to protect China environment, avoid some potential risks from invasive pest or infectious disease vectors, AQSIQ department may have

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AQSIQ Certificate Application True-False Test by Justin Xu AQSIQ Org (China Recycling Inspection Service Co.,Ltd) 1, One AQSIQ license can register two or more scrap types (T) 2,Both trading company and processing factory can apply AQSIQ(T) 3,AQSIQ Dept won’t come to your company for inspection during application (T) 4,You can add scrap types on AQSIQ after getting your own certificate (T) 5,Documents should be in English version for the certification (F) 6,Home office cannot be used for

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Three Steps to help you get China AQSIQ Certificate Easily Dear All This is Justin Xu from China Recycling Inspection service Co., Ltd First step Find the right person Yes, that’s Justin!! General, I work for 12 hours per day, and I reply email to my clients within half an hour about China aqsiq license application issues. Obviously, lots of suppliers worry about whether they can get AQSIQ successfully, I have to make all questions clear and easy, so I made professional document list, appli

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AQSIQ CCIC ISO9001 for Recycling Materials exporting to China As an unique AQSIQ Org( in China, we helped thousands enterprises get AQSIQ license, CCIC license,ISO9001,ISO14001 all over the world. we are the most professional certificate application agency in recycling industry. Our Main Business: 1,China AQSIQ License Permit License for exporting waste materials to China 2. CCIC pre-shipment inspection We can rent our AQSIQ license for you to help you get CCIC application

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Waste Scrap AQSIQ License Application Quality Management System Dear All. This is Justin Xu from China Recycling Inspection Service Co.,Ltd (AQSIQ ORG). Today i will share some info about quality managements system documents for AQSIQ application. When you try to export waste materials to China, you should do lots of work, and also need make some records, how to face so many paper works and make them clearly? That’s QMS needed When we help you apply AQSIQ license, we will make a QMS for you

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Best AQSIQ and CCIC service agent in China---AQSIQ ORG Hi everyone, this is Justin Xu from China Recycling Inspection Service Co.,Ltd You may find lots of articles about China AQSIQ certificate application from me or our company. Yes,we published latest Chinese regulations and requirement of waste material AQSIQ certifications, to help you know Chinese market better. All professional knowledge were complied by our years experience. That’s also why we gain trust from so many clients all over t

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China CCIC Certificate for waste materials( waste plastic, metal scrap, waste paper etc) We can help you get China CCIC pre shipment inspection license with our AQSIQ License. The process as below: 1, Provide your expo info to us (export port, deliver port, weight, contact info etc) 2,Confirm the exact inspection site and choose the right CCIC agency 3,We use our AQSIQ license and put your info on CCIC Psi system 4,We will send you a CCIC application number from the PSI system 5, Contact

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AQSIQ Certificate renewal requirements in 2016 (By AQSIQ ORG China Recycling Inspection Service Co.,Ltd) Recently we received lots of AQSIQ renewal application all over the world, during the application, we found that most of suppliers do not know China latest regulations for AQSIQ renewal. In order to protect your license’s validity and help you get new AQSIQ license successfully, i will share my experience in renewal process. AQSIQ /CCIC Agent: China Recycling Inspection Service Co., Ltd

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Export waste material to China directly AQSIQ License CCIC Certificate How will CCIC inspect containers for waste material? (By Justin Xu China Recycling Inspection Service Co.,Ltd Suppliers should use AQSIQ license with U key, to put your exporting information on PSI system, when CCIC receive your application, then they will arrange inspection for your company. First, let me explain an noun for you. What is an inspection batch. An inspection batch refers to all containers in one invoice o