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By: The Forsythe Firm  12/28/2014
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Jessica* was a young lady who came to us after a brief hospitalization in a specialized facility. She had suffered from Bipolar Disorder, depression and anxiety for years, worse in the last 12 months. This was her second hospitalization. Jessica was a bright, personable lady. She had a history of working 1 to 6 months at a job, then being terminated or becoming so overwhelmed that she had to quit. Then, when her mood improved, she would find another job and work a few months before repeating the cycle. At first, Jessica was reluctant to speak with us about her problems. The first interview with her was mostly about gaining her trust and explaining the journey to try to get Social Security disability benefits. As Jessica understood more about the process and how we fit into it, she became more open in helping us to understand her problems. We filed a disability application and also sent for some specific information from her treating doctor. While this doesn't always happen, Jessica's application was approved in about 3 months and she began receiving benefits. This has helped her to afford more frequent medical treatment and counseling. My hope is that, as treatment continues, she will one day improve to the point of being able to work and have a good qualify of life again. She is headed down that path and we wish for her a good journey. ___________________ *Jessica is NOT the client's real name. Names are changed for publication in order to protect the privacy of the client.

Keywords: disability advocates huntsville, disability advocates Madison, Get Disability Benefits, Social Security representatives Huntsville,

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