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By: Wallpaper Supplier and Factory  07/13/2016
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Wallpaper Manufacturers, Custom Wallpaper, Wallpaper Suppliers, China Wallpaper, Wallpaper china, Wallpaper Manufacturers in China, China Wallpaper Manufacturers, Wholesale Wallpaper Suppliers, Cheap Wallpaper Suppliers, Pvc Wallpaper Suppliers Website: www.wallpaper-manufacturers.com Wallpaper glue behind the protagonist value performance and cost many consumers in the purchase of wallpaper, tiling brands to offer the most common is 8 yuan / square meter, or 10 yuan / square meter, including glues and artificial. Owners can count yourself one account now paving wallpaper artificial about 5 yuan / square meter, that is, the cost per square meter of glue is 3-5 yuan, and this quote, usually can not afford imported glue. Currently wallpaper glue of the market to domestic brands are mostly cheap 20-30 yuan / bottle, better quality, priced at 50-80 yuan / bottle, while the import prices have to glue bottle hundred dollars or more. According to the common glue bottle can be attached to 18-20 sq m, domestic brands of cheap goods, the cost per square meter is more than one money, better 2-4 yuan / square meter, while imports glue cost per square meter at least You need more than 5 yuan. Compared with imported glue, homemade glue containing acidic high, heavier taste, are more prone to mildew. Usually high-end wallpaper, glue is sold separately, paving artificial belong gift category, wallpaper also 3--5 years in prison warranty period, in this period, warped, flanging, roll angle, it's just labor costs need to charge tens of dollars, can be remedied. The domestic brands, mostly without warranty. Buy wallpaper by volume if not more cost-effective computing industry insiders will surely be complicated wallpaper specification seeing things.

Keywords: China Wallpaper

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