U.P.S. Uninterruptible Power Supply

By: CHIN TAIRY ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. (A.V.R, I.V.R, Transformer, U.P.S, Oil Mist Collector with Air Cleaner)  10/16/2014
Keywords: U.P.S. – Uninterruptible Power Supply

U.P.S (Single Phase) ● High Quality 1. Double Conversion True On-line UPS with zero transformer time 2. Industrial grade UPS 3. IGBT/PWM technology, small volume, low noise and high reliable 4. Microcomputer control, high efficiency and accuracy● Safe 1. Bypass Switch Switching 2. Indepentdent three phase inverter, ableto support 100% unbalance loading. 3. Isolated Rectifier& Battery Charger. Load current will not be affected when input power returns. 4. EMI/ RFI and overload protection 5. Static Two-way Switch 6. Protecting for overload and shout citcuit. 7. With output and input isolated transformer in order to prevent noise and lightening suit for SMI/ AI/ BGA precision equipment. 8. Static bypass and amintentance bypass are satandard features, allowing the UPS to 9. maintain power even during high overload or maintenance. 9. Cold start funtion. The UPS can be started with battery for emergent power on.● Flexibility 1. 12 Pulse communicator to lower input current harmonics 2. Expandable battery (option) 3. RS-232 communication port and SNMP management are available on request.● Simple 1. Module design is easy to maintain 2. LED/ LCD faceplate 3. small size, save time, energy and space U.P.S (Three Phase) ( CTMU ) 1. Full digital touch screen LCD and display (320x240 dots), simulation flowchart display. 2. Online double conversion design, DSP technology with perfect protection functionsand high reliability.3. Flexible turn on power technology for different loads and systems, It can be operated by one set or (1 + 1) connected or (N + 1) and running. 4. High efficiency, the efficiency up to 95% when ECO mode. 5. Short-circuit system through rigorous testing and 2KV high voltage insulative testing. 6. Isolation function by output transformer reduces harmonic by load currents and supply mains interference.7. DSP fully digital control technology, precise control, fast, reliable and stable.8. 12-pulse rectifier with an optional increase the UPS input power factor, effectively inhibited harmonic pollution.9. Optional independent battery testing kits and it can be detected up to four groups of single battery operating parameters (up to 160), the wisdom battery management.10. Intelligence monitoring system, provide RS232, RS422 dry switching contact ports, built-in Modem interface, battery testing interface, optional internal SNMP card and battery detection module.11. The rated capacity respectively 10KVA, 15KVA, 20KVA, 30KVA, 40KVA, 50KVA, 60KVA, 80KVA, 100KVA, 120KVA, 140KVA and 160KVA, 200KVA, 250KVA, 300KVA, eight units can be directly connected in parallel.

Keywords: U.P.S. – Uninterruptible Power Supply

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power transformer

1. Phase: Three phase 2. Nominal voltage: less then 600V for the first time, second times 3. Specifications: IEC762.EMC61000-6-4:2001 CAS:C22.2 NO.66-1988 U/L:506 4. Temperature limit: 60℃ (A Class), 80℃ (B Class), 120℃ (H Class) 5. Frequency: 50HZ/60HZ 6. Efficiency, copper loss, voltage regulation and impedance voltagetake 75℃ as the standard.


A.V.R.-Automatic Voltage Regulator

1. Input voltage range: ±15%~30% 2. The error of the output is less than ±1% 3. High overload capability: can resist above 150% overload without causing voltage to go down extremely. 4. Fastest reaction time: starts at 0.01 seconds, completing time only needs 0.1 second. 5. Output efficiency: Above 95% 6. Single module Design: easy to change the component s. 7. Main use H Class material: Prolong the usage time. 8. LED Display 9. Hidden NFB : Prevent man-m