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By: Tanning Oasis  01/14/2016
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WHAT TYPE OF TANNING BED SHOULD I USE? Tanning Oasis offers four levels of tanning and we have a bed that is specifically suited for you. What are levels? Most people think the higher the level, the stronger it is. FALSE! All of our beds are strong, but they are strong in different ways. The higher the level (level three and level four), the more bronzing it is. That means these beds don’t burn you. Your tan lasts longer with these than level one. They filter out the rays that burn you, and put out only the rays that are helpful (bronzing=UVA). So if you are fair-skinned or don’t tan easily, you HAVE to do these higher levels. You also want to use these beds if you only come once or twice a week because they tan you deeper (lasts longer). If you burn easily don’t do level one! If you tan easily though, level one is made for you. These beds are strong but more of a “burn” you strong. Here is the thing though, if you have the skin that doesn’t burn easily and you tan often, you will get darker in level one than in the higher levels. Don’t make the mistake of thinking the lower levels are not strong- they are very strong. You do have to come more often, at least three times a week, because you are only tanning the top layer of your skin. So it doesn’t last as long as the higher levels but not to worry because you are coming more often. LEVEL ONE TANNING Built for those who tan easily and don’t burn. LEVEL TWO TANNING Semi-Bronzing beds (half bronzing/half burning) for those who tan easily LEVEL THREE TANNING Bronzing beds for those who burn easily or don’t tan often. LEVEL FOUR TANNING Super Bronzing booth for those who burn easily or tan no more than twice/week

Keywords: Indoor Tanning, Professional Tanning, Professional Tanning Salons

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