NH3 gas analysis system

NH3 gas analysis system from milantao

By: milantao  09/20/2016
Keywords: NH3 gas analyzer, TDLAS analyser,

eLAS-100 reliable heated optical path with maximum 3 meters resolution of 0.1ppm single spectra scan,no interference from dust ,tar and background gases maintenance-free design with heated sampling probe and gas -treatment system Application: SCR/SNCR denitration process control Engine emissions control Atmosphere monitoring Chemical process control

Keywords: NH3 gas analyzer, TDLAS analyser,

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In Situ,continuous,real time Average concentration along the optical path, No moving parts,high reliable No cross interference from background gas species;automatic correction for dust and optical window contamination Applicable to adverse Calibration :3-4 times/year Maintenance:None No spare parts ,only electricity Environments such as high temperature,high pressure ,high dust density,high water vapor density,high flow velocity,high corrosiveness