Alternatives methods - the right one for you...

Alternatives methods - the right one for you... from Angie's Therapeutic Massage & Bowenwork

By: Angie's Therapeutic Massage & Bowenwork   01/06/2015
Keywords: Bowenwork from Australia

What people are saying I have had many massages in several large cities and none were better. Angie's massage provides both extreme relaxation and gets out those painful knots and sore spots without bruising. WOW! ...Mena, AR * Since I have been getting a massage every week or so and incorporating the daily stretching exercises, I no longer have a headache and find that I can handle stress much better. Thank You for helping me to improve my quality of life! ...Mena, AR Bowenwork: * My energy levels are better and it helped to lessen soreness, all after only one visit! professional dancer - Mena, AR * Last week after a 13 mile trail run, I experienced better performance, less fatigued and was not as sore with one prior bowenwork session. marathon runner - Mena, AR * My lower back has been a problem for years, and visits to various chiropractors have offered only temporary relief. Angie’s total body approach with the Bowen technique has produced excellent results for me. Bowenwork has helped me improve the quality of my life. Mena AR

Keywords: Bowenwork from Australia

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