How to Banish Dust Mites ... the Secret Enemy You Sleep with Every Night

By: America's Mattress  11/10/2014
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Dust Mites love your mattress due to the fact that it's the best environment for them. It's warm, has the tendency to be wet, and exactly what's more, it's packed with their favorite diet - human skin flakes. The Mayo Clinic approximates that you might be sharing you cozy bed with anywhere from 1 to 10 countless the animals. And though they're tiny (500 might fit on the head of a pin), they might be causing you big problems. The outcome is that any mattress, chair, couch, carpeting or drapery is removed of both the allergen and their particles in a safe and efficient way. It's fast, too. The entire process takes only around 22-minutes minutes for a king-sized mattress. It's suggested you have this procedure done two times a year to keep down the allergens in your house. It makes sense to get rid of your unwanted sleeping partners and produce a much healthier house for you and your household. After completing the cleaning and sanitizing process, an all natural, chemical and perfume complimentary citrus spray is misted throughout the location in order to clean the air above and surrounding the treated surfaces. Eventually, to effectively free your life of pesky dust mites, you need to use a rigorous elimination system, and so you actually require professional assistance. Then there's sunshine. Mites hate sunshine due to the fact that it's a natural kind of ultra-violet light, which is hazardous to dust mites and their eggs. That's why they prefer to burrow deep into your mattress where they're safe. The reason why these tiny creatures are so virulent is that they are a source of allergens. These allergens originate from numerous sources including the dried out body parts of the mites themselves and their fecal matter. The common dust mite excretes 200 times its child weight in fecal matter. Extreme temperature levels, either high or low, are normally fatal to them. Nevertheless they recreate rapidly and will certainly quickly return. They have a life spans of about 30 days and the female lays up to 300 eggs during that period. One reason this is such an issue is that mites lack a tummy. So food digestion happens outside their bodies. The mites secrete enzymes and deposit the fungus Aspergillus Repens on dust particles. Then the fungus predigests the food for the mites. The dust mite's partially digested food, and feces make up the most significant sources of allergens. The irritants then enter your body at night. As you shift in your sleep, the tiny allergen bits waft into the air and hence into your breathing passage, lungs and ultimately your bloodstream. Possibly you believe you can clean your mattress or change your sheets and they're gone? Regrettably this is not the case. Allergen are tenacious creatures and they're extremely delighted simply where they are in your mattress or obtained into any number of products in your home. Standard vacuuming doesn't work. Conventional home or industrial vacuum don't have the power to draw out the dust mites and their debris from deep in your mattress. Bleaches and strong soaps won't kill them either. So exactly what will work? Thankfully, there are a few things that the mites hate. The most effective system for cleaning and sanitizing bed mattress, as well as for use on any porous, allegen collecting surface area is to review your mattress with a gadget comprising a high powered suction gadget working in combination with an online managed germicidal UV-C light. This is ultraviolet light of the C band, a type of extremely compressed light which permeates the surface area and operates as a completely green, chemical-free and dry, all natural purification system. Europeans are much more proactive on the dust mite front (and incidentally have far couple of allergy clinics that we do right here in the US). As a result, they started establishing efficient mattress cleaning and sanitizing procedures using customized devices over 25-years ago. Now, a greatly improved system and treatment is available in the United States.

Keywords: Mattress

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