My Cold Buddy for Multiple Sclerosis Flare Ups

My Cold Buddy for Multiple Sclerosis Flare Ups from My Heat Buddy

By: My Heat Buddy  03/18/2014
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My Heat Buddy can also be used COLD. In fact My Heat/Cold Buddy can stay cold up to 8 hours and is portable. So that means you can use and take the cold with you when you need it most - In the car, at home, outside, in your bed, shopping - ANYWHERE UP TO 8 HOURS OF COOL COMFORT! The Impact of Temperature on Multiple Sclerosis Heat or high humidity can make many people with multiple sclerosis (MS) experience a temporary worsening of their symptoms. Doctors believe that this occurs because heat causes nerves (whose myelin covering has been destroyed from MS) to conduct electrical signals even less efficiently. Most people with MS avoid hot baths, hot showers, and heated swimming pools and prefer cool climates. How Can I Ease Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms? • Avoid extreme temperatures. Extreme temperatures may worsen your symptoms of multiple sclerosis. • Avoid exercise on hot and humid days, and never exercise to the point of fatigue. • Use air conditioning. If hot and humid conditions worsen your MS, try to stay in cool and dry areas as much as possible. A home air conditioner may be tax-deductible for some people with MS; talk to your doctor. Some people use a cooling vest on extremely warm days. • My Heat/Cold Buddy set it in freezer for a soft slushy pliable COLD for up to 5 hours or freeze it solid for up to 8 hours of cold pain relief. It is important to remember that while climate may worsen the symptoms of MS, climate changes do not produce more actual nerve damage. The adverse effects of temperature and humidity are generally temporary. However, it can take longer (a few days) to recover if you get over heated. Not getting over heated is the most important thing! Using a portable anywhere soft and pliable cold is an excellent way of preventing mulitiple Sclerosis MS symptoms. Extreme Cold weather is also problematic for Multiple Sclerosis MS For reasons that are not well understood, extremely cold temperatures and changes in temperature can also cause MS symptoms, usually spasticity, to flare. In this case using My Heat Buddy can assist in any cold temperature related MS flare ups by simply plugging in My Heat Buddy for a few minutes to bring the temperature to a therapeutic and soothing 130 degrees. Then unplug My Heat Buddy and you have 2-6 hours of heat relief. My Heat Buddy can be used virtually anywhere and warmed up anywhere, at home, in the car, hotel, RV, sports game, etc. My Heat/Cold Buddy is a perfect gift for anyone suffering with Multiple Sclerosis and starts at Just $24.95! Affordable and so therapeutic!

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