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Keywords: Tooth Extraction, tooth extractions, Dental Extractions

While our goal at AZ Cosmetic and Family Dentistry is to provide conservative care and help you preserve your teeth whenever possible, there are some times when extraction is the most appropriate treatment. We understand that the prospect of having a tooth extracted can be scary, but the truth is that this is usually a simple procedure, and if the tooth has been causing you pain, you will feel much better once the tooth is out. Dr. Narra performs simple extractions here at our Glendale dental office. If a more complex extraction is necessary, we are more than happy to refer you to a trusted oral surgeon who can assist you further. Why Are Extractions Necessary? An extraction may be the most appropriate treatment for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common reasons we see include: Teeth broken beyond repair Teeth decayed beyond repair Teeth infected to the point where a root canal is no longer appropriate Overly crowded teeth If we believe that extraction is the best treatment, we’ll discuss the situation with you beforehand to make sure that you understand your options and the expected outcomes. Ultimately, your dental health is in your hands, and we want to give you the tools you need to make an informed decision. Simple Tooth Extractions Simple extractions are performed quickly. The area will be numbed and then your tooth will be gently lifted out using a special instrument called and elevator and then removed. Little aftercare is required, but we will give specific instructions to follow at home. This type of extraction is done when you have one or more teeth that are not impacted (completely or partially covered by gum tissue) but still need to come out. Home Care Tips Following an Extraction Simple extractions heal quickly, but there are a few steps you can take to increase your comfort level following your extraction and prevent complications: Avoid chewing or eating for about two hours following your extraction. Ice packs can relieve any discomfort or swelling you might be experiencing. Do not suck through a straw, smoke, or poke at the extraction with your finger or tongue since this can dislodge the clot that helps the healing process. Do not rinse your mouth on the day of your extraction. Stock your fridge and pantry with soft foods that don’t require much chewing for the day of the extraction. This can include soups, yogurt, pudding, gelatin, and eggs. Use the gauze pads we provide to stop any bleeding and promote clot development.

Keywords: Dental Extractions, Tooth Extraction, tooth extractions

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