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By: AZ Urogynecology and Pelvic Health Center  08/28/2014
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There are many non-surgical treatment options for women when it comes to bladder and pelvic floor health. At AZ Urogynecology we encourage always trying to treat bladder and pelvic issues with non-surgical options first. One of these treatments is called Nerve Stimulation These treatments involve the stimulation of the nerves that goes to the bladder which suppress abnormal bladder spasm and help with symptoms of urinary urgency, frequency (at the day and night time) and urge urinary leakage. Patients who do not benefit from medications or who develop non-tolerable side effects from medication may be good candidates for this type of treatments. In many cases, these treatment can improve bladder function. Posterior Tibial Nerve Stimulation: This type of treatment involves putting a very small needle (similar to an acupuncture needle) close to the tibial nerve (above the ankle joint) and stimulating the nerve with gentle electrical impulses. The treatment session is 30 minutes. Multiple treatment sessions are needed to achieve the treatment goal. This is a very simple type of treatment that is done in the office. Sacral Nerve Stimulation: This is a minor outpatient procedure that involved placing a lead (wire) close to the back bone. This wire will be connected to a stimulation device to gently stimulate the sacral nerves that go to your bladder. Initially the stimulator will be outside your body and you can wear it around your waist (like a cell phone or a pager). If significant improvement of your bladder symptoms is seen a stimulator can be implanted under your skin like a pace maker instead of the external stimulator. Contact our office today at 480-889-2654 or visit our website at for more information. Our office is conveniently located in East Mesa at 6632 E. Baseline RD., Suite 101, Mesa, Arizona 85206. Like Us on Facebook: Google+ Business Page: Google+ Profile: Follow Us onTwitter: Connect With Us on LinkedIn: Follow Us on Pinterest:

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