Arizona Martial Arts Instructor celebrates Golden Anniversary

Arizona Martial Arts Instructor celebrates Golden Anniversary from Seiyo Kai International

By: Seiyo Kai International  08/05/2014
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Fifty years ago, a long-haired teenager from was playing lead guitar in a popular rock n’ roll band when the members decided to take self-defense training at a local karate school. Of the four band members, only Hausel took a liking to karate classes and continued with this path. Along the way, his profession changed from professional guitarist to astronomer to geoscientist and ended up working as a research geologist at the Wyoming Geological Survey at the University of Wyoming, and also Kyoju no Budo, which translates as professor of martial arts, for three decades. While at the University of Wyoming, he taught hundreds of students in the arts of karate, kobudo (Okinawan weapons), self-defense, jujutsu, samurai arts and martial arts history, while searching for precious metal deposits, diamonds and colored gemstones. His martial arts career took a major turn after joining an international martial arts association known as Juko Kai International where he continued training in a variety of martial arts under the great Grandmaster Dai Soke Sacharnoski. In 1999, Hausel was certified as grandmaster (Soke) of Seiyo Shorin-Ryu Karate and Kobudo and promoted to kudan (9th degree black belt). Shorin-Ryu translates as “Shaolin-style” and is believed to have roots hundreds of years old reaching back to the Shaolin Temple in China. In 2012, he received one of the greatest honors in martial arts when he was promoted to the highest rank possible – junidan (12th degree black belt.) By the beginning of 2007, grandmaster Hausel had won dozens of international and national awards in the geological sciences and martial arts and decided to retire from the Wyoming Geological Survey and University of Wyoming and move to the East Valley of Phoenix with his wife Sharon, and opened a traditional martial arts center at 60 W. Baseline Road on the border of Mesa with Gilbert and Chandler and continued training adults in martial arts. He also likes rocks so much that he uses them to train some students in breaking, and continues to consult for mining companies and writing for magazines and books. Today, the grandmaster of martial arts celebrates his Golden Anniversary in martial arts with many students around the world. In the East Valley, he operates a martial arts school where he teaches students traditional martial arts. Traditional martial arts are the arts as they have been taught on Okinawa for hundreds of years and places similar emphasis on traditions as well as technique. Students at the Arizona School of Traditional Karate also known as the Arizona Hombu (the world administrative headquarters for Seiyo Shorin-Ryu karate); include a variety of accountants, engineers, scientists, university professors, teachers, law enforcement, teenagers and retirees.

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