Martial Arts Instruction

By: United Kung Fu  03/31/2016
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Join a community focused on enriching all aspects of your life! Get younger, healthier and more flexible with every class. Experience all this and more: - Better health, vitality, flexibility and physical conditioning. - Positive behavioral changes & leadership skills - Increased attention to courtesy & respect - Bolstered self-confidence & self-image - Improved focus & productivity at work & school United Kung Fu has programs for families, women, men and children, from 4 to 94! Classes run every evening and Saturdays to accommodate your busy schedules. We also offer a special tuition structure for families to encourage them to train together. Use the science of muscle confusion to consistently challenge your body AND your brain, and to keep both healthy and strong for the rest of your life. With all of these styles available at our academy: - Southern Shaolin Tiger and Crane - Northern Shaolin Longfist - Wing Chun - Tai Chi - Ba Gua - Xing Yi - and more! We guarantee that (unlike the gym) you will never be bored. Call to schedule your complimentary class today!

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