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By: Faron's Mobile Auto Repair  04/28/2015
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Christina M. Jancila - 4/28/2015 I found Faron on Craigslist. Before I used Faron, I hated all mechanics. I was so tired of being ripped off by shops. Hell, I needed a second mortgage to get things fixed. In fact, the dealer told me that my engine is burning oil and I should get rid of it. My truck would never pass emissions. Long story short...Faron installed the new cats at a very reasonable cost. For 6 months I had my SES light on. Faron assured me that he would get me up and running. Well...I PASSED EMMISSIONS and I am extremely pleased with Faron's work. I had him install a brake booster for 100.00 (labor only) A shop wanted 560.00 (parts & labor)! Really? I guess they see a woman and think it's ok to rip them off. Faron is very reasonable. My truck likes him and so do I. I highly recommend Faron For more reviews go to

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