By: Arizona Lipo LLC  09/26/2014
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SmartLipo™ is a cutting-edge, highly effective, safe method of surgically removing fat with laser assisted technology. Often used in dental procedures, lasik eye surgery and reconstructive cosmetic procedures (including liposuction), laser technology differentiates SmartLipo from its competition in the marketplace. The word "laser" denotes Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Today's medical-grade lasers are safe and accurate. Lasers operate by creating a powerful light beam that can be adjusted to specific frequency ranges to impose different surgical results, based on the setting. SmartLipo™ incorporates a calibrating application that, once inserted in the targeted region, it directs the laser to help liquefy fatty deposits. During the SmartLipo™ surgery, the laser ruptures and breaks apart the fibrous fat cells underneath, resulting in the removal of a more liquefied, fatty substance. This "fat thinning" process is easier on the body. The SmartLipo™ procedure also encourages skin tightening as the area heals. The outcome after the surgery is a smoother appearance in the top layers of the skin.

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