Young Adult Aftercare

By: Silkworth Manor  07/02/2014
Keywords: Addiction, Substance Abuse, Drug Rehab

Silkworth Manor is known for our customized Young Adult Aftercare Plans dedicated to, and designed for, the recovery of young male adults. At Silkworth, we have discovered that young adults who enter into a sober living environment following treatment stay sober, and often obtain new role models, sober friends and a unique family support system. These factors are critical to bring about a high success rate. Phase 1: Building the Foundation Upon admission, each guest completes his intake process, which includes orientation to house operations, our rules, daily schedules, medication consulting and the creation of his customized Aftercare Plan and goals. Building the Foundation consists of a customized structured Aftercare Program designed to build self-worth, purpose and guidance, thereby directing each guest towards a healthy, successful, sober life. During the first 30 days of his stay, each guest’s time is monitored. Guests immediately begin working through the 12 Steps, or a cognitive approach. The Aftercare Plan can consist of Intensive Outpatient Treatment, Relapse Prevention, Daily Meetings, Group Sessions, Life Coaching, Back to Basics, Making Men Workshop, and numerous additional workshops. Parents receive regular updates on their child’s progress, as well as lab drug testing results. Phase 2: Living Sober At this phase, guests begin to understand and experience living recovery daily. Guests are taught that recovery is about a lifestyle change, and they are also taught how to identify defects of character and old behaviors. Guests begin to establish their Relapse Prevention Plans, and are taught how to identify high risk factors. They are taught how to separate emotion from logic. Guests are encouraged and guided to seek employment, volunteer positions, mentoring, tutoring, or continuing their education. One of the goals at this phase is to encouraged guests to start building life skills, establish sober friends, build on new coping skills and participate in activities that are conducive to recovery. Money management workshops, yoga, health & wellness, meditation, life coaching, and more, are available. It Is Silkworth’s policy that a meeting with staff and the administration will be held to assess all progress. Parents continue to receive regular updates on their child’s progress, as well as lab drug testing results. Phase 3 Practicing the Principles Guests have an opportunity to become autonomous and self-supporting, in preparation for 3/4 house living or independent living, based on new assessment. Guests are allowed more freedoms at this phase, and are allowed approved overnight passes and are prepared to become senior residents. Guests are expected, through their actions, to demonstrate living by principles at all times. Guests should have their Relapse Prevention Plans available for review with staff. Guests also begin to work with staff to prepare a realistic Exit Plan that is conducive to the Aftercare Plan, which includes a support system, long term goals, weekly meetings, stable employment or school enrollment, home group, sponsor or life coach input, money saved from work, and drug & alcohol free environment. Parents continue to receive regular updates on their child’s progress, as well as lab drug testing results. At the end of your 90 day stay, some guests may feel a need to extend their stay on a month to month basis. Some guests might require an additional 90 day stay. We are happy to accommodate both, as we believe that your success is our success. Silkworth Alumni As always, Alumni are welcome back here at home. Come have dinner, seek additional resources, sponsor a newcomer, and share at meetings. Our alumni are taught and encouraged to stay connected and to continue their journey at Silkworth Manor meetings, workshops, and events.

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