Scottsdale Surveillance Investigations

By: TBL Investigator  09/10/2014
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You ever have that feeling that somebody you know or love is doing something behind your back but you can't prove it. Ever think that you need answers to some burning questions but don't know how to get them? That's why TBL Investigator is here to help. We will perform Surveillance Investigations to find those answers to those questions that you just have to have resolved. There are times when you may need answers that law enforcement can’t give you. For example, you may suspect that your spouse is cheating but neither have the time nor the resources to try to track him or her to get the conclusive proof you need. You may have a stalker who has been harassing you for some time but hasn’t done enough to warrant action by the police. You may need to find a person who has gone missing, such as a former spouse who is trying to dodge child support payments. Whatever the case may be, TBL Investigator is able to help you by conducting surveillance investigations to get the information you need or to track down the person in question. We have a variety of tools at our disposal to get the information needed, such as GPS trackers, eavesdropping equipment and hidden cameras. All investigations are conducted in accordance with the law. In many of these cases, the police will not devote the resources to follow people and conduct surveillance on them. TBL Investigator can help you to find missing persons, get the evidence needed to convict a stalker, locate suspects or witnesses, or to serve legal documents. Private detective David Hutchings has 22 years of experience as a law enforcement professional conducting these kinds of investigations. We serve clients in Scottsdale and around the entire Valley, call us today to find out how we may be able to help you conduct the surveillance investigation you need. TBL Investigator 7418 E. Helm Drive, Suite 217 Scottsdale, AZ 85260 Office: 602-327-3058 Visit Our Blog: Like Us on Facebook: Connect With Us on Google Plus: Follow Us on LinkedIn: Follow Us on Twitter: Connect With Us on Pinterest: Subscribe To Our YouTube Channel:

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