Psychic Children Gathering in Sedona, Arizona, June 2017

Psychic Children Gathering in Sedona, Arizona, June 2017 from Psychic Medium Claudia Granger

By: Psychic Medium Claudia Granger  10/07/2016
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Sedona, AZ: New to the Sedona, Arizona event calendar, the Psychic Children Sedona Gathering Summer Camp 2017 will take place from June 1st to June 6th. Situated at a campground in the heart of Sedona, there is space for 30 people to camp; for additional attendees, there is the option to stay in a nearby Sedona hotel and still be part of the Psychic Children's gathering. This unique event is a first. Long-time and popular Sedona psychic Claudia Granger notes, “Psychic Children and their families need the support of likeminded people. We will have Psychic Mentors from the Sedona area teach you and your children how to find comfort in the psychic gift.” Popular Sedona psychic Claudia Granger, camp organizer and leader. Popular, long-time Sedona psychic Claudia Granger, camp organizer and leader. Claudia adds: “We will teach you about the do's and don'ts of the Psychic Gift (refer to the DESTINATION AMERICA TV SERIES: A HAUNTING - VISION OF TERROR). You might meet the ‘stars’ of that show who share their first-hand experience and hear about your own. It is about learning and being ‘heard’ at the same time. You will be part of something bigger. You will no longer be alone. That is my mission for all the psychic children: to have someone ‘to go to’.” Besides all the learning, camper will be treated to fun activities, hiking, swimming, art, deep meditations, and “connecting with guides,” learning about our auras and symbols, crystals, and so much more. Claudia continues: “You can feel my excitement. I am so happy to offer to psychic children what I never had myself. BUT, I made it and I have a commitment to every family with a psychic child to help.” Early Bird ticket reservations cost $240 per family/vehicle/tent. Fist come, first serve. Price of event pays for gather space on the grounds and for most of the actives, whether staying on the premises or in a hotel. For those who need information about Sedona hotels or who have any other question about the event, please call 928-300-2112. Event ticket does not cover food. For more information, call 928-300-2112, visit To learn more about Chavez Campground, visit their page at - See more at:

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