TV Show A Haunting - Vision of Terror - with Claudia Granger

By: Psychic Medium Claudia Granger  10/07/2016
Keywords: Destination America, Mediumsip, Psychics and Medium,

Whether it is the spiritual clearing of a house, a place or a person, you have to be steadfast and anchored to the light. During the path of learning to become a true Psychic Medium, everybody will be tempted to turn to the dark side. In this show a gifted psychic little girl was tempted by a daemon who slipped into the form of her late father to get close. It is my honor and pleasure to teach Psychic Children and grown ups alike, how to utilize their gift and not fall into any common pitfalls. My guiding ones always say: Seeing is believing and confirmation comes through practice. Therefor decrement is essential in regard of what you are dealing with. Even though darkness might fly to a psychic like a moth to a flame, the flame of a candle never gets doused out by the moth - it might flicker or shine brighter - but it never gets extinguished. In the same way the light of our eternal soul can not get extinguished by any darkness. There are laws which govern darkness and light, but love is the strongest law of them all.

Keywords: Destination America, Mediumsip, Psychics and Medium, TV Show A Haunting, Vision of Terror,

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