The Tragedy Chronicles by Tony Bertot

By: The Story Teller - Tony Bertot  06/03/2014
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Currently working on my fifth book; The Tragedy Chronicles. The Taker, Tragedy, an emissary for Satan breaks all the rules in collecting souls. Angels become aware of her existence and the battle to track her down and vanquish her begins. In an effort to elude her demise, Satan, incarnates her into a mortal child. The Angels are forbidden from harming any mortal and so their battle takes a different turn as they struggle to bring the child and the soul within her to the side of good. Sometimes good doesn't always prevail. Follow their journey as both good and evil struggle to gain a foothold in both the spiritual world as well as the mortal one. Be witness to the climatic conclusion as the battle between good and evil comes down to the life or death of an innocent child.

Keywords: Books

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