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By: Nature Works Best  04/24/2014
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Intravenous Nutrient Cancer Treatments The intravenous nutrients are tailored specifically to each patient’s condition and chosen for their targeted, time tested, and research-documented anti-cancer effect. The nutrients we use are different for each patient, but some of nutrients used may include a combination of Vitamin-C, Sodium Bicarbonate, DMSO, in addition to many others. Before we have done a full workup we cannot know which of these nutrients may be used for your treatment, if they are used at all.

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Naturopathic Medical Doctors

Nature Works Best is a natural cancer clinic located in Tempe, Arizona, that specializes in natural, holistic, and naturopathic treatments of cancer. We do not use chemotherapy or radiation in our treatments. Rather, we have developed a unique method of treating cancer based on intravenous vitamin therapy as well as a simple food plan.