what is a Salvage Food Store?

By: McGary's Discount Groceries  08/22/2014
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For those who don’t know, salvage grocery stores (sometimes referred to as outlet, clearance, or discount grocery stores) carry items that regular grocery stores are not willing or able to sell. Salvage grocery stores will buy these items at a fraction of the cost and sell them to their customers at prices that are often half or less than what the original retail price was. Some examples of what you will find at a salvage grocery store are: •Foods with damaged packaging •Foods at, near, or sometimes past the “best by” date •Items that a store has discontinued •Overstock, Discontinued Sell-by dates,The discount, or salvage, grocery store is filled with merchandise that’s marked with sell-by dates that came and passed sometime before the recession was called a recession. You know what? The food inside most super-packaged containers is still fine—and it’s often 50 percent cheaper than the stuff in mainstream grocery stores. An AP story reports that, unsurprisingly, business is up at salvage grocery stores in recent months. Most of the food comes from other grocery stores who feel the need to get the items off their shelves, or directly from huge food manufacturers like General Mills. The piece also explains who the typical salvage grocery store shopper is: This is basically our family’s approach to these stores. You never know what you’re going to find, which is sorta fun—but also extra time-consuming, because you have to stroll leisurely up each aisle. Salvage grocery stores aren’t all that easy to find. Asking neighbors is a good way to start. In the yellow pages, these stores are usually lumped in with all the regular grocery stores. Some, but not all, salvage stores have the word “salvage” or “discount” in their names, which is a pretty good hint.

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