PCB Assembly Services at Technotronix

PCB Assembly Services at Technotronix from Technotronix

By: Technotronix  07/13/2015
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Looking for PCB Assembly Solution? Technotronix is a professional manufacturer providing PCB assembly services by using varied state-of-art technique like Surface Mount Technique ( SMT ) and Plated Through Hole Technique (PTH). Our PCB assembly services includes assembly capabilities, mastering mixed assembly, prototype assembly, production assembly and PCB assembly rework.Visit http://www.technotronix.us/printed_circuit_board_assembly.html to get more details about our quotations.

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Cable Harness Assembly | Technotronix

TechnoTronix is specialized in designing and assembling of custom and complex cable and wire harness assemblies to address the needs

PCB Prototype Service Provider in California from Technotronix thumbnail

PCB Prototype Service Provider in California

Looking for PCB prototyping services? Technotronix offers a customized PCB prototyping service for multi layered, single layered and double layered

PCB Design Service at Techno Tronix from Technotronix thumbnail

PCB Design Service at Techno Tronix

We are specialized in offering tailor-made PCB Design solutions. Our techniques for custom IC Design, Turnkey design, ultra high speed

Complete Turnkey PCB Assembly from Technotronix thumbnail

Complete Turnkey PCB Assembly

Technotronix provide complete printed circuit board turnkey solutions, SMT assembly, cable harness and PCB thru-hole component assembly services, for more

Mastering Mixed Assembly Processing from Technotronix thumbnail

Mastering Mixed Assembly Processing

We provide mixed assembly placement, which can often require three operations. These are surface mount (SM), plated through hole (PTH) and for most projects, the implementation of heat sinks, cables or press fit connectors tenable PTH I/0 communications. The advent of high speed designs however, has converted some of these connectors from PTH TSM because of SM's tighter tolerances.

PCB Assembly Rework from Technotronix thumbnail

PCB Assembly Rework

The introduction of Pb-Free assembly has been challenging for first-pass assembly, but even more challenges present themselves when PCB assembly rework is required. PCB repair in a Pb-Free environment can engender issues of cost, quality, timing and repeatability - all exaggerated because of Pb-Free demands.

PCB Assembly Production from Technotronix thumbnail

PCB Assembly Production

At the stage where production PCB assembly is being planned, many other factors come into play, particularly Design-for-Test (DFT) and Design-for-Manufacturability (DFM) issues, making sure documentation is current, planning diagnostics tests and macros, determining test limitations and assuring that troubleshooting guidelines are well-documented among others.

PCB Assembly Prototype from Technotronix thumbnail

PCB Assembly Prototype

Prototype assembly includes many critical considerations regardless of how small or large the volume production you are planning. Technotronix thoroughly analyzes all aspects of your project to ensure that no criteria are overlooked.

PCB Design for Test from Technotronix thumbnail

PCB Design for Test

Design-For-Test or DFT takes into account several major and minor considerations at the design layout stage. In this limited webpage space, the key ones are described. However, the overall DFT success for 90 percent plus test coverage relies heavily on implementing all these critical design considerations.

PCB Design for Assembly from Technotronix thumbnail

PCB Design for Assembly

The first article approval of PCB is the initial most important step toward effective PCB Design for Assembly. An OEM approved first article PCB proves valuable in answering all questions relating to manufacturing, assembly and test. It is the “ proof of concept ” before a PCB order goes into production, even if quantities are small, like less than 10 to 50. The first article ensures that the transition into production volumes is smooth with few to no questions left unanswered. Plus, for the OEM

PCB Fabrication from Technotronix thumbnail

PCB Fabrication

From prototype to production and quick-turns to standard and scheduled deliveries, your expectations are what we strive to exceed. Since over the four decades, we’ve processed thousands of part numbers for hundreds of customers. A few dozen customers who have been loyal since the beginning still consider us their number one PCB Fabrication source. This is testimony to our consistently high level of quality, service, and competitive pricing.

PCB Design from Technotronix thumbnail

PCB Design

Technotronix has extensive expertise in Printed Circuit Board design layout. We respond to our client's requirements and deliver high quality solutions such as multi-layer boards, analog and digital, differential pairs, controlled impedance and ultra high-speed designs. Whether you are a start-up who is prototyping a design, or an established organization requiring multi-layer circuit board designs, our designers are just a phone call away.

PCB Assembly from Technotronix thumbnail

PCB Assembly

From prototype to production and quick-turns to standard and scheduled deliveries, let our highly competent in-house PCB assembly operation handle all of your assembly needs. It is the goal of TechnoTronix to become the leading supplier of Pb-Free assemblies for large to medium size OEM’s. We will accomplish this goal by working closely and developing partnerships with clients. TechnoTronix clients in the semiconductor, medical, and military/aerospace markets. All of this fields will benef