Eyelid Surgery

By: Charles S. Lee, M.D.  09/10/2015
Keywords: Plastic Surgeons, Eyelid Surgery, Cosmetic Surgeon

Although about half of the Asian population does have a fold in the area above the eyelashes, the other 50% of the population does not. For those without a fold, a blepharoplasty procedure can create a natural-looking crease. Known as “Asian double eyelid surgery,” this procedure aims to surgically create creases in the eyelids of Asian patients. Generally, the lid starts at the crease very close to the eyelashes. As the crease becomes further away from the nose, it gets larger until it reaches the midpoint of the pupil. In effect, the fold runs parallel to the eyelash origin.

Keywords: Asian Eyelid Surgery, Cosmetic Surgeon, Eyelid Surgery, Plastic Surgeons